At home with the adventurers

  • Megan Hine

    Celebrity expedition leader and survival expert reveals a chapter of her memoir

    Megan Hine

    Megan Hine is a celebrity expedition leader, consultant, author and survival expert, known for her work with Bear Grylls on his shows Mission Survive and Running Wild. Megan takes adventure to the next level, putting her mental and physical limits to the test to get under the skin of the world’s most daring landscapes. Her love of the outdoors and hunger to discover Earth’s wild places has led her to the peak of icy mountains, into the depths of faraway jungles and across the sands of scorched deserts.

    Here, we’re giving you a look inside Megan’s inspiring life story, Mind of a Survivor, with a free audiobook extract and chapter download. Plus, the chance to win a copy of her book in our At Home with the Adventurers competition.

    Mind of a Survivor

    Bursting with adrenalin and adventure, Mind of a Survivor is part memoir, part survival guide. The book has a motivational edge, with Megan explaining how she uses her experiences in the wild as a tool to overcome life’s everyday challenges – sharing tips on how you can do the same. Here’s an extract from the audiobook and the first chapter on download to give you an idea.

    Listen to chapter one Read chapter one [PDF]

  • Levison Wood

    Audiobook extracts, an interview and the chance to win a book bundle by this bestselling author, famous for his epic treks

    Levison Wood

    Intrepid adventurer, author and photographer Levison Wood is known for his extreme and ambitious treks tackling some of the world’s most challenging terrains, from the Himalayas to the Nile. For years he served as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. Now, he is an award-winning author with seven bestselling books and critically acclaimed documentaries including Arabia with Levison Wood. Levison is an elected fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club, as well as a passionate ambassador for The Tusk Trust charity.

    We’ve created a library of audio extracts and chapter downloads for some of Levison’s most compelling and thought-provoking books, to offer a little escapism and take you on a few epic adventures from home.

    Eastern Horizons

    Introducing the story of Levison Wood’s first great overland journey, hitchhiking the Silk Road from England to India at just 22 years old. A trip that took him through Russia, Iran and Pakistan on a budget of only £750 – not your average gap year. You can play chapter one on audiobook and read two on download. First, here’s Levison talking about the experience himself.


    Arabia chronicles Levison’s toughest challenge yet, a 5000-mile expedition around the Arabian Peninsula. Levison discovers some of the most brutal, and beautiful, places on the planet as he follows in the footsteps of history’s legendary explorers. To get a flavour of the adventure, here’s chapter one on audiobook and two on download.

    Listen to chapter one Read chapter two [PDF]

    Walking the Americas

    A captivating account of Levison’s immense 1800-mile journey, travelling on foot across eight countries from Mexico to Colombia. Walking the Americas is a Sunday Times top 10 bestseller and winner of the 2016 Edward Stanford Adventure Travel Book of the Year award. Play chapter one of the audiobook and you’ll quickly see why.

    Listen to chapter one

    Walking the Himalayas

    This emotive story follows Levison’s gruelling Himalaya trek, hiking more than 1700 miles from Afghanistan to Bhutan over six months. Expect to meet fascinating local characters, from smugglers to farmers, and learn what real life is like on this iconic mountain range. Here’s chapter one on audiobook to get you started.

    Listen to chapter one

  • Simon Reeve

    Award-winning travel presenter and author shares a short film, free chapter downloads and a new competition

    Simon Reeve

    Simon Reeve is an award-winning documentary-maker, presenter, author and explorer. Over the years, Simon has visited more than 120 countries, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Australia. You might have seen some of his gripping BBC series, such as The Americas or Sacred Rivers. We first teamed up with Simon in 2008 and have been working on travel projects and events together ever since. He’s now very much a part of the Kuoni family.

    As a taster, we’re giving you free access to the first two chapters of Simon’s thrilling memoir Step by Step.

    But first we’d like to share a short film – a message to you, from Simon – inviting you to look back at all the places you’ve been and look ahead to all the places you can’t wait to discover.

    Step by Step

    In this inspiring story of spirit, courage and adventure, Simon Reeve takes us on a journey through his gritty expeditions, recalling memories from dodging bullets on the frontline to trekking into remote jungles in Africa. Here’s chapter one on audiobook and two on download.

    Listen to chapter one Read chapter two [PDF]