The best food and drink in Greece – and where to go to enjoy it

Soak up Santorini sunsets with a refreshingly chilled craft beer. Hop between postcard-pretty fishing villages for the freshest catch of the day. Let our Personal Travel Experts take you on a culinary tour of the best dishes to eat in Greece – and the dreamy Hellenic hotspots in which to try them.

Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Lisbon invented the pastel de nata. You can’t leave Nice without trying the ratatouille. While every country has its absolutely-cannot-be-missed delicacies, any foodie worth their Himalayan rock salt knows it’s always best to visit the region that calls the dish its speciality.

But from slow food to street food, simple tavernas on a buttery-soft beach to Michelin-starred dining amid the scooter-horned buzz of the capital, Greece has as many culinary high points as it has Instagram-worthy places in which to try them.

From the homely perfection of moussaka to artisan takes on feta cheese, the best dishes in Greece evoke the very essence of the Mediterranean. Renowned for its nutritious and vibrant nature, the country’s mosaic of culinary traditions spans thousands of years, deeply rooted in history and influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures.

So what is the best food in Greece according to the Kuoni experts who know it best? For Jamie Trennery, Personal Travel Expert at Kuoni Bluewater, the answer’s simple. “Personally I love gyros, a savoury bundle of joy made of chicken or pork with loads of lemon, olive oil and salad, all wrapped up in a warm, fresh pitta. The best gyros in Greece would come served on a sun-kissed terrace in Rhodes.”

For Jenny Staniforth at Kuoni Meadowhall, it’s the sunny Greek flavours captured in the freshest of produce - and the pastel-shaded island backdrops that make them taste even better. “Just a simple tomato salad in Greece is better than just about anywhere else in the world. But I had an amazing truffle risotto in a beautiful hidden courtyard in Mykonos that I still dream about.”

For Jane Griffiths, Store Manager at Kuoni Liverpool, it’s the relaxed pace of life that makes Greece so special. “Just having a meze can last hours but it’s such a social thing to do with friends.”

Ready to begin your own love affair with this famously foodie destination? We asked Jamie, Jenny and Jane to lead us on an indulgent gastronomic tour of all the best things to eat in Greece – and to let us in on the hidden gems where you can eat them like the locals.

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