Maldives Honeymoons

We are the Maldives honeymoon experts

The Maldives is our number one honeymoon hotspot. Why? It’s like nowhere else on Earth. You’ll understand once you’ve felt its talcum-soft sands between your toes, cosied up at a beach cinema to watch a movie under the stars, and slept above its piercing blue lagoon in a private overwater villa. As the Maldives experts, we can tell you that it more than lives up to the hype. 

Each of our handpicked resorts is on its own private white-sand island, so your Maldives honeymoon will feel secluded and exclusive. Choosing where to stay is a big decision as it’s not just about where you’ll sleep. Browse our collection and if you need any help, we can help you find the right match. We’ll talk you through things like the vibe of the island, the size, the food, the local experiences, how easy it is to get there, and what you might see on the house reef.

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