Where to go on holiday In March

With the UK summer still a few months away, March is the ideal time to get away for some early sunshine. In Mauritius you can spend the day on a beautiful beach lapped by waves from the turquoise lagoon, often in pleasant highs of 30°C. Although showers are likely to occur, they are usually sharp and short. It’s also a time for celebration with the Hindu festival of Holi bringing locals out into the streets. Head to Barbados to enjoy the last of the ‘ideal’ climate before the humidity starts to increase, and enjoy its mix of cultures – especially in the cuisine. You could even try a spot of golf, or take a submarine tour. Oman’s early spring weather is a glorious mix of sunny skies and agreeable temperatures, perfect for wandering the country’s ancient forts, hiking the jagged mountains and exploring the sunburnt dunes of the desert in 20-something heat. What’s more, hotels tend to be slightly quieter at this time. Watch the video for more inspiration and chat to one of our personal travel experts who will help you craft your dream March holiday.


Barbados is an excellent year-round destination, with platinum shores, championship golf courses, luxurious hotels and world-class dining, but March is the last month of ‘ideal’ Barbados climate before the humidity starts to increase. Temperatures begin to creep up to a maximum daily average of 29-30°C, and you can expect a yearly high of up to nine hours of sunshine. There’s very little rainfall to be expected and the threat of hurricanes is months away.  

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Trips to India are filled with colour, culture and stunning cuisine – think boat cruises along the backwaters of Kerala, tours of Bollywood, zipping around Hindu temples in a tuk-tuk and mouth-watering street food in Mumbai. March in India is mostly warm, sunny and dry, so prime time for exploring the Golden Triangle, heading to the wildlife parks in the central provinces or stretching out by a cocktail shack on a blissful beach in Goa.

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March is a great time to explore the blend of cultures and landscapes that is Malaysia. With the rainy season over and temperatures averaging 28°C, the wonderfully lush jungle interiors are bursting with nature, especially across the South China Sea where equatorial rainforests on the Malaysian side of Borneo are teeming with wildlife. A visit to Sabah in Borneo, which boasts one of the world’s two populations of Orangutan plus new animal discoveries all the time, is highly recommended at this time of the year.

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March marks the beginning of spring in Florida. Here the mercury begins to rise following the cool winter months and temperate days, which start to get longer and average 20°C. Flamingo-pink sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean evolve into soothingly warm nights, and with nine hours of sunlight there’s plenty of time to explore the theme parks, shops and beaches – especially as the sea temperature is a comfortable 24°C.

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A visit to Mauritius, which boasts tranquil shores, epic marine adventures and exotic island excursions, is highly recommended in March. Spend days by the pool at one of our five-star hotels or on a beautiful beach by a turquoise lagoon in a very pleasant 30°C, with the occasional brief shower to cool you down. The Hindu festival of Holi takes place in March – on the second day locals take to the streets in celebration.

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It only takes seven hours or so to reach Oman, on the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and home to reliable sunshine all-year round. Visiting in March means you avoid the scorching summer, allowing you to hike through cities high up in the mountains, explore ancient forts, relax by your five-star hotel’s pool and explore the sun-swept dunes in 20-something heat tempered by a breeze. What’s more, hotels tend to be slightly quieter at this time.

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