In the Land of the Thunder Dragon, brightly coloured prayer flags flutter in the wind spreading goodwill and positive energy around the mountain landscapes.

As soon as you land in Paro, Bhutan’s one-of-a-kind nature is apparent. In place of an all-glass terminal, there’s a traditional Bhutanese building, whitewashed and adorned with ornate wooden windows. This sets the tone as you enter a country where tradition and age-old customs are held in high regard, even as the trappings of the modern world slowly trickle in bit by bit. This is a land where striking monasteries and temples overlook meandering rivers or cling to the side of mountains, the national dress is still day-to-day attire for many, and they value Goss National Happiness above Gross Domestic Product.

Bhutan holidays - perfect for...

  • Although there is no limit on the number of visitors to Bhutan low volume tourism is the focus
  • The cost of your holiday includes all your meals, transport, fees, sightseeing accompanied by an English-speaking guide, and of course your accommodation
  • The iconic image of Bhutan – the cliff-side Taktsang Monastery
  • Bhutan’s famous festivals – held in many of the nation’s cities and towns – are a riot of colour and tell stories of the ancient world
  • You can easily combine a holiday in Nepal or India with time spent in Bhutan

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