SeaTrek with Whale Sharks, Corals & Dragons 

Set off on an unforgettable voyage with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures packed with wildlife encounters, cultural interactions, Ring of Fire-carved landscapes and plenty of me time on and under the ocean waves. This roundtrip onboard a handcrafted pinisi ship begins and ends in Komodo National Park, the UNESCO-listed refuge of the Komodo Dragon, and skirts the Nusa Tenggara Islands in search of whale sharks, manta rays and deserted beaches.

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8 nights

Recommended itinerary

Days 1-2

Komodo National Park

Take an early morning flight from Bali, meet your tour leaders at the airport in on the island of Flores, and transfer straight to the ship. Over the next couple of days, you’ll explore a coral restoration project that began in 2014, go ashore to Komodo Island in search of the world’s largest lizard species, discover the national park’s best reefs and possibly swim with manta rays at cleaning stations and sea turtles at one of their favourite hangout spots.

Days 3-4

Island hopping

The voyage continues with a stop at an uninhabited island where where red coral mixes with white sand to create pink hued beaches. Here, you’ll have the chance to kayak, swim or paddleboard before returning to the ship for lunch. Visit an active volcanic island to learn more about the type of pinisi ship you are travelling on, and wander around a local village. The next day, witness how volcanic activity has shaped the islands’ landscapes as you visit Pulau Satonda. This unique and intriguing island encircles a saltwater lake at its heart that was created by the 19th-Century eruption of Mount Tambora. Stay on the island as the sun sets for a SeaTrek barbecue and to watch the natural phenomenon of thousands of flying foxes heading to the mainland at dusk.

Days 5-6

Whale sharks and Moyo Island

The next couple of days begin with what could be the highlight of the trip: swimming with whale sharks. Sightings are not promised, but these massive yet majestic creatures have frequented this bay for many years and the traditional floating fishing platforms used by local fishermen are a further attraction. There’ll be another chance for kayaking, swimming and paddling on a small limestone island, alongside a visit to Moyo Island to explore Labuan Aji village and take a refreshing dip in pretty waterfall nearby.

Days 7-8

Back to Komodo

Watch as volcanic natural gases bubble up between the coral and the black volcanic sands at a unique snorkelling spot before heading back to Komodo National Park. Here, drift snorkelling across one of the region’s healthiest reefs, and a sunset hike to an elevated viewing point are on offer. You’ll also stop off at the pint-sized Rinca Island for some more land-based wildlife seeking.

Day 9

A cultural morning

The adventure concludes with a morning at Melo Village to watch a Caci dance – a choreographed whip fight performed by local men in traditional dress. Following lunch on the ship, you’ll say goodbye to the crew and your fellow guests and continue on with your holiday.