Bangkok is as chaotic as cities get, but pause and look closer and you’ll discover deep-rooted traditions and a radiant culture

Zip down the streets in a colourful, tassel-lined tuk-tuk, passing Starbucks and food stalls selling grilled pork skewers for breakfast. Once you reach your destination, you approach the entrance of the resplendent Grand Palace, a gilded masterpiece in the middle of a clamorous capital.

A city that feels alive day and night, Bangkok offers a lot more than your average stopover destination. Most travellers stop for a few days before heading on to Northern Thailand or to southern beaches like Koh Samui or Phuket – days that can easily be filled up with visiting beautiful temples, navigating night markets and sampling Bangkok’s famous food. Street food is a staple all over the city so you don’t need to look hard for authentic cuisine, and the recent introduction of the Michelin-guide has only cemented the city’s place on the culinary city hall of fame.

Talk to us and we’ll help create a Bangkok holiday to suit your travelling style.

Bangkok holidays - perfect for...

  • A shot of city life for a glimpse into modern Thai culture
  • Combining as a stopover before heading onto Northern Thailand and southern beaches
  • Great options for shopping in lively night markets and air-conditioned malls
  • From street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, Bangkok is renowned for its foodie status
  • Immerse yourself in tradition with Bangkok’s Grand Palace and temples.

“Thailand always rolls out a warm welcome for travellers and visitors to its glorious beaches, eco-resorts and thick rainforest. With a little bit of help and advice, you can still find unspoilt islands and footprint-free sand.” - Simon Reeve

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