Epic away-from-the-crowds Australian experiences

Vast and diverse, far away from the East Coast crowds, Australia’s largest state holds the key to a glorious adventure. The flora and fauna here is wonderful – from the rare quokka found on Rottnest Island to spectacular marine life including whale sharks, and dolphins that visit the shoreline almost daily.

Natural landscapes vary from secluded hideaway beaches and epic coral reefs rivalling those of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, to beautiful vineyards and stunning rock formations so unique it is hard to believe they were formed by nature.

Perth & Western Australia holidays - perfect for...

  • Vast and diverse, far away from the East Coast crowds, but easily accessible with direct flights from March 2018
  • Perth experiences more days of sunshine than any other state capital and is home to pristine beaches, parklands and a great array of bars, restaurants and shops
  • Walk through the treetops of ancient forests, sleep beneath a canopy of stars in the desert and explore the beehive-like rock formations of the Bungle Bungles alongside an Aboriginal guide
  • Venture north of Broome to the secluded paradise of Cape Leveque with its rugged red cliffs and white sands
  • Distances between attractions can be huge, but this is epic self-drive territory where the journey is all part of the adventure

Places to go in Perth & Western Australia

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