Average Temp

Day 31°C Night 24°C
Temperature (°C) Rainfall (MM)

Khao Lak is warm all year round with an average temperature of 28⁰C-29⁰C. The peak season in Khao Lak is between November and February when the climate is drier and slightly cooler, making this the best time to visit for sunshine, water activities and beach weather. The wet season is the low season, when the south-west monsoon brings higher levels of rainfall and humidity between May and October. For travellers who don’t mind taking a chance on the weather, the best value offers can be found during the low season and there are fewer crowds, too. It’s worth packing a light waterproof in low season in case you’re caught out in a downpour, although these often clear up quickly and can end in a warm, sunny day. For diving and snorkelling, the Similan and Surin National Marine Parks can be visited from mid-October to mid-May – they're closed for conservation during other months. Here’s our month-by-month guide on what you can expect. 

Khao Lak in January

January is one of the best months to visit Khao Lak. There are nine hours of sunshine every day, and days are pleasantly warm with an average temperature of 28⁰C while evenings are cool. Sporadic rain is expected in any month thanks to the tropical climate; however January is one of the driest months in Khao Lak. It’s one of the best months to go snorkelling or diving too, with sea temperatures of around 27⁰C and good visibility of up to 30 metres in the Similan and Surin Islands. Khao Sok National Park’s stunning rainforest and lake is easily reached from Khao Lak in just two hours, with January a great time to visit for generally dry weather.

Khao Lak in February

Khao Lak in February is warm and dry, making it another great month to visit. Average temperatures fall between 23⁰C-34⁰C and as one of the driest months in Khao Lak, there is only a small amount of rainfall during days that are otherwise sunny with blue skies. February is another ideal month for snorkelling and diving in the Similan and Surin Islands. Khao Sok National Park remains generally dry in February.

Khao Lak in March

March is warm and sunny in Khao Lak, with a slight increase in rainfall and humidity. Temperatures average at 29⁰C and the odd thunderstorm can bring some afternoon showers. Sea temperatures are warm at 28⁰C and there are good conditions for snorkelling and diving with likely sightings of manta rays. Khao Sok National Park is more humid.

Khao Lak in April

April in Khao Lak is the end of the dry season, when days are hot and humid. There’s a chance of thunderstorms and heavy showers combined with 8 hours of sunshine a day. Average temperatures range between 24⁰C-34⁰C and sea temperatures are around 29⁰C. April is the last full month for snorkeling and diving in the Surin and Similan Islands.

The Thai New Year, Songkran, is a three-day national celebration in April, most notably marked by the huge street water fights – a welcome refreshment from the scorching heat.

Khao Lak in May

May is wet and humid in Khao Lak as the south-west monsoon brings the start of the wet season for most of Thailand. Temperatures are warm at 25⁰C-33⁰C and there are six hours of sunshine a day. There’s a high chance of rainfall with a mix of sunny and cloudy days. During the wet season, hotels may advise against swimming in the sea due to rough conditions and the Surin and Similan Islands close between May and October for conservation. It’s a great time to take advantage of some great-value offers as the low season begins. Khao Sok National Park is lush and green with the arrival of increased rainfall, although trekking paths may be slippery and the jungle will feel particularly humid.

Khao Lak in June

Khao Lak is warm in June with a high chance of rainfall. Days are warm with an average temperature of 29⁰C. It will feel humid and frequent showers are likely, and rough sea conditions mean swimming may not be recommended (signalled by a red flag on your resort beach). Khao Sok National Park is wet and humid. For better beach and diving weather, it’s worth considering islands like Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, which doesn’t experience the south-west monsoon’s rainy conditions.

Khao Lak in July

Khao Lak’s weather in July is warm and wet. The average temperature is around 29⁰C and heavy showers are expected inconsistently throughout the month. Wet season on the Andaman coast brings rougher sea conditions, so swimming is not always advisable. Koh Samui and Koh Phangan on the east coast are better alternatives for dry and sunny weather this month. Khao Sok National Park is warm with a high chance of rainfall.

Khao Lak in August

August is wet and warm in Khao Lak, with average temperatures of between 25⁰C and 32⁰C. Rainfall is unpredictable but expected throughout the month. Most of Thailand is wet in August; for sunshine in South-East Asia, Bali promises much better weather.

Khao Lak in September

September is usually one of the wettest months in Khao Lak. High levels of humidity mean thunderstorms and plenty of rainfall, while temperatures remain warm between 24⁰C and 32⁰C. Khao Sok National Park is particularly wet this month. For sunny beach weather, Bali is a great alternative in South-East Asia.

Khao Lak in October

Weather in Khao Lak is warm in October as the wet season comes to an end. Levels of rainfall ease off and you can expect a mixture of showers and sunshine. Weather is warm at 28⁰C and there are 6 hours of sunshine a day. If you don’t mind the possibility of rain – which is unpredictable but usually comes in short showers and dries up soon after – you can enjoy fewer crowds and good-value offers in this last month of the low season. The Surin and Similan Islands open for snorkelling and diving in mid-October too. Khao Sok National Park is still quite wet although there can be alternating spells of sunny days and rain.

Khao Lak in November

November is a great month to visit Khao Lak. The weather is more comfortable as humidity levels drop and there is only a little rainfall. There are 7 hours of sunshine every day and temperatures are warm at around 28⁰C. Most of Thailand’s weather is generally much more mild and drier, so it’s a good time to combine Khao Lak with sightseeing in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Khao Lak in December

Khao Lak’s weather is excellent in December. There is only a small chance of rainfall – as found with any tropical climate – and plenty of sunshine (8 hours a day). Humidity levels are lower and days are wonderfully warm with average highs of 32⁰C. December is a busy month in Thailand as visitors take advantage of the great weather across the country. It’s also the best time to start diving and snorkelling in the Similan and Surin Islands, when the sea is calmer and warm at 27⁰C.