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India's National Parks and wildlife reserves are epic in size, consistently beautiful and home to an incredible array of wildlife species, the most iconic of which being the iconic Bengal tiger. The number of parks and sanctuaries throughout the country reflect the importance of protecting endangered wildlife species, which is now a major focus in India. The opportunity to see a tiger in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and although sightings are not guaranteed, you will have to opportunity to witness some beautiful landscapes while you seek out these elusive creatures.

India Wildlife Reserves holidays - perfect for...

  • Relive the Jungle Book in Central India's Kanha National Park
  • Periyar is Southern India’s premier wildlife park and wildlife sanctuary, renowned for its large Indian elephant population
  • Ranthambore National Park is the most famous of India’s parks and is easily combined with a tour of the Golden Triangle
  • Beautiful Bandhavgarh National Park has one of the highest population densities of tigers in the country so well worth a visit if you want to increase your chances of a sighting

Places to go in India Wildlife Reserves

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India is intoxicating. It’s frenetic in places but gloriously relaxed in others.

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