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Day 32°C Night 22°C
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Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai’s desert climate means it’s a sure bet for sultry weather all year round. See our month-by-month guide to find out when to visit Dubai

Dubai’s weather is warm all year round with two distinct summer and winter seasons. The lowest average temperatures are around 20⁰C in January, while the summer months (between June and August) have averages of around 30⁰C. Dubai gets an average of 8 to 10 hours of sunshine a day year round, so you can generally expect blue skies and warm to hot weather that makes waterparks a fun option for families whenever you visit. December to March is generally the best time to visit Dubai weather-wise and it also complements good weather in destinations like the Maldives for a multi-centre holiday with a Dubai stopover. It’s best to pack light, comfortable clothes to keep cool whenever you travel – if you’re heading into the desert in the winter, it’s worth packing layers as temperature drop a few degrees at night. Dubai typically gets very little rain, usually with just a couple of days’ of rain during the winter months.

Dubai in January

January is one of the most popular times to visit Dubai. Dubai is at its coolest which is comfortably warm by UK standards with average temperatures between 14⁰C to 23⁰C. Rain is more likely in January but only in very small amounts – expect short bursts over an average of two days over the month.

Dubai in February

Dubai’s average temperatures in February start to rise to between 17⁰C and 26⁰C and an increased chance of rain, though still only over around four days. Like January, February is a great time to visit Dubai as the evenings are cooler and the heat is manageable for most travellers – though the pleasant weather means it’s one of the busiest months to go to Dubai too.

Dubai in March

In March, Dubai’s 8 hours of sunshine come with temperatures of around 23⁰C and increased humidity. It’s a great time to catch warm weather before the sweltering heat and more intense humidity levels set in.

Dubai in April

April is warm and humid in Dubai as summer arrives. There’s 10 hours of sunshine every day and average temperatures range between 22⁰C and 34⁰C with increased humidity and very little rain expected. Sea temperatures rise to around 25⁰C – great for swimming and spending time on the beach.

Dubai in May

Dubai starts to get noticeably hot in May – travellers can see temperatures of up to 37⁰C. Make use of the air-conditioning that’s almost everywhere in Dubai and stick to the shade at midday.

Dubai in June

June is very hot in Dubai with high humidity levels. Temperatures average at around 26⁰C to 38⁰C with 11 hours of sunshine a day, while sea temperatures are usually at 30⁰C. We recommend avoiding the height of summer in Dubai if you’re not comfortable in high heat.   

Dubai in July

Dubai gets even hotter in July – days of 40⁰C are common and getting around can be unbearable for most travellers. We recommend avoiding travel to Dubai in July unless you can stand extreme heat.

Dubai in August

Dubai’s climate continues with extreme heat and humidity in August, with averages of between 29⁰C to 41⁰C and sea temperatures hovering around 33⁰C. We recommend avoiding travelling to Dubai in August unless you can handle the heat or don’t mind keeping cool indoors.

Dubai in September

September is another hot month in Dubai, with temperatures dropping slightly to averages of 26⁰C to 39⁰C. The sea is still a sultry 33⁰C and the weather is likely to be too extreme for most travellers. Towards the end of the month into the end of the year, Dubai is occasionally blanketed in an atmospheric fog – a rare event in the early hours that’s best caught from the top of a skyscraper for a brilliant Instagram-worthy shot. 

Dubai in October

Weather in Dubai turns cooler in October as winter approaches, though still with averages of 23⁰C and 35⁰C. Sea temperature is still very warm at 30⁰C with only a slight drop in humidity.

Dubai in November

Dubai gets gradually cooler in November. Days are warm at around 25⁰C and with average lows of 19⁰C while the sea temperature sits at a warm 27⁰C. Visitor numbers start to rise as the weather makes it one of the best times to go to Dubai just before it gets very busy over December and January.

Dubai in December

One of the most popular times of the year to visit Dubai, weather in December is pleasantly warm. Days average at 21⁰C with lows of around 16⁰C – we recommend packing a light jacket for night time or trips to the desert.