An unspoilt volcanic island with a rich colonial past which is waiting to be explored

Officially called St Christopher, St Kitts was once the oldest and wealthiest British colony, and the island is dominated by 17th- and 18th-century forts. A spine-like ridge of volcanic peaks runs across the island’s interior, interspersed with deep, forested ravines that taper down to coastal plains. At the foot of these towering peaks, which include the imposing Mount Liamuiga, a host of sugar cane plantations, disused sugar mills and colonial houses spread across fertile coastal plains.

To the south, the low-lying peninsula extends out into the sea, playing host to the island’s best beaches and bays, as well as natural lagoons and salt ponds. Headlands jut out in the sea and offer the perfect spot from which to gaze at the rich blue horizon.

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