Discover Bermuda multi-centre

Dreaming of holidays in the Caribbean conjures up images of azure seas, endless blue skies and idyllic beaches. But why limit yourself to just one when you can combine the landscapes, culture, history, and beaches of these paradise nations. The islands also link perfectly with a number of cities within the USA, forming a fantastic city and beach break.

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The hooked shaped nation of Bermuda is a treasure trove of natural beauty, culture and historic sights made up of 181 islands, islets and rocky outcrops. Bermuda has a unique and sophisticated charm, pink sand beaches, beautiful gardens and colonial buildings.

Bermuda & City combination

New York

The perfect ‘shop and flop’ experience with the bright lights and fast-moving pace of New York complemented by a relaxing break on the beautiful and remote island of Bermuda. Soak up the unrelenting and lively atmosphere in the ‘city that never sleeps’, shop till you drop and pound the streets from Downtown to Central Park, all safe in the knowledge you will soon be heading to the sleepy pink-sand shores of Bermuda, a little outpost of Britain, where there is little else to do but relax.

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