The gender pay gap at DER Touristik UK – 2021

Creating an inclusive and fair working environment where people are proud to work and where everyone can thrive regardless of gender, is something we are firmly committed to.

The travel industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic for the past two years, with restrictions on international travel which have never been seen before. Although the travel industry is now in recovery, this report reflects a period of time when overseas travel was subject to strict Government regulation thus limiting the company’s ability to operate.

As a travel brand which has been present in the UK market for more than 50 years our main focus during this tough trading period has been to support our customers, build on our reputation as a trusted brand and to focus on retaining our valuable and knowledgeable team. With this in mind, we fully utilised the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) to retain as many employees as possible.

Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap

Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay

In this report, we have an overall median gender pay gap of 57.9% and a mean gap of 58.9%, which is higher than last year’s report.


Mean bonus gender pay gap
Median bonus gender pay gap
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment


Quartile 1

Quartile 2
Lower mid

Quartile 3
Upper mid

Quartile 4

At the time of the required snapshot, 95% of our employees were either on furlough or flex furlough. In compliance with the governments guidance on Gender Pay Gap calculations, only 12 employees met the criteria and therefore our figures are based on less than 5% of our total workforce. This disproportionally adjusts our 2021 Gender Pay Gap figures and is therefore not a true reflection of our workforce.

As we move beyond the pandemic and business recovers, the company has put a renewed focus on retaining and attracting talent. Creating an inclusive and diverse culture continues to be part of our people strategy moving forward.

*These figures are based on April 2021