Our commitment to maintaining a fair and inclusive working environment

Maintaining an inclusive and fair working environment where people are proud to work and where everyone is able to thrive regardless of gender, is something we remain firmly committed to.

We believe that all employees should be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and with equal opportunities to progress throughout their careers with DER Touristik UK. We have always attracted and nurtured female talent, from junior positions through to senior management.

Our second Gender Pay Gap report confirms that we have an excellent gender balance throughout our business. We’re proud that 79% of our overall workforce is female, a slight increase on last year, along with half of our senior management.

We are also firmly committed to equal pay. We continue to ensure that people are paid the same for doing equivalent jobs across our business, regardless of gender.

“As a travel business which has been in the UK market for more than 50 years, our success is built on outstanding customer service, which is bedded into our work ethic. As such we recruit for attitude and aptitude to attract a diverse selection of applicants and employees to our business, which personify our brand values. We take pride in our efforts to be inclusive, with coaching and career progression plans for everyone regardless of gender and, in producing this report, commit to continuing to improve balance within our organisation.”

Derek Jones, CEO, DER Touristik UK

The gender pay gap at DER Touristik UK

We have increased our headcount since last year’s report and now employ 436 female staff and 119 male staff.

We have a very good gender balance at all levels of the organisation and an overall median gender pay gap of 14.4% and a mean gap of 27%, which is slightly lower than last year’s report. This is predominantly the result of a high percentage of female staff in the lower salary quartiles of the business and we do not consider this to be an equal pay issue. We are confident that our employees, male and female, are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business.

Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap

Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay

In particular, the gender pay gap is strongly influenced by the salaries and gender make-up of our retail community: 84%* of our retail employees are female. As with many sales roles, our retail employees work to ‘on target earnings’ with additional performance related pay (PRP).


Mean bonus gender pay gap
Median bonus gender pay gap
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment

Median bonus pay gap has increased to 9.8% (increase of 1.2%).The mean bonus pay gap has increased to 50% (increase of 25.7%). This is likely to be because it was the first year we achieved 100% bonus, made up of reaching financial target combined with personal objectives. Also the majority of our part-time employees are female, therefore their bonus is pro-rated as it is based on the number of hours worked. We encourage and support flexible working with the aim of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. Pro-rated bonuses paid to part-time employees are not converted to a full-time equivalent figure. Therefore, as we have a significant number of female part-time employees, this potentially distorts our gender bonus gap calculations.

Number of females receiving a bonus has increased by 3.5% to 85.5%. Retail employees are not eligible for the company’s annual bonus as they receive PRP based on personal sales achieved.


Quartile 1

Quartile 2
Lower mid

Quartile 3
Upper mid

Quartile 4

Females make up 79% of our overall workforce and 50% of our senior management team.*

Our percentage of females in the lower quartile and decreased since our last report and there has been an increase of females in the upper, reflecting more women in senior positions.

Lower quartile = 0.9% less females

Upper quartile = 5.3% more females

*These figures are based on March 2019