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Tilar Siro: a diver’s paradise in the Andaman Islands 

We’re set in a forest behind Vijaynagar Beach; the water is crystal clear, there are manta rays, leatherback turtles and even dugongs…

By Anil Kumar
General Manager of Tilar Siro

The ethos behind Tilar Siro is sun, sea and sand – it’s a paradise for divers. We want to give an unadulterated island experience that showcases the Andamans, a unique eco-system that formed over four billion years ago when the tectonic plates collided. The name comes from the original inhabitants, the Great Andamanese Tribe, who referred to the islands as Thi-Lar-Siro – which means land emerging from the sea. The rainforest is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the trees are humungous!

We’re set on Havelock Island, in a forest behind the white sands of Vijaynagar Beach. Diving is one of our primary attractions and the thriving coral reefs make for some of the best 30-metre dive sites in the world. The water is crystal clear, there are manta rays and leatherback turtles who nest on the beaches, deep sea marlins and even dugongs. We’ve partnered with a renowned diving school, Lacadives, who offer PADI courses and discovery trips. Join us for night patrols with torches on the beach where we see amazing sights like cuttlefish, octopuses and decorator crabs. The wildlife on land is equally great, with fantastic bird-watching; 10-15 percent of bird-life is unique to this island.

The architecture at Tilar Siro takes inspiration from the Burmese settlers and Nicobar buildings that populate the Andamans. The resort took seven years to build and features huge art installations. Every one of our buildings is made from natural materials and set on stilts among tropical gardens. We’re the only property on Havelock to have a sea view from every room’s balcony. There’s a pool and restaurant that serves seafood and Karen cuisine made with ingredients sourced from the north of the island.

Our core values are environmental responsibility and giving back to the local community so we support the Andaman Islands through employment and sourcing products locally. We just opened in 2021 but our goal is to work with conservation projects like Reef Watch in the future. Guests love the fresh, natural feel of Tilar Siro and also our staff – everyone talks about how happy to please they are. They engage with guests, go on walks and play volleyball with them – the staff feel like they’re on holiday too!


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Alfred & Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar hails from Aluva, Kerala, and has been working in the hotel industry since the 90s. Anil's career includes a long tenure with CGH Earth where he discovered his true passion: nature and ecotourism. He has a profound interest in natural history, anthropology, ethnobotany and wildlife conservation. Anil is currently stationed in the Andaman Islands where he manages Tilar Siro, the latest venture of CGH Earth.  
Anil Kumar, General Manager of Tilar Siro

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