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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Tiger territory and jungle forts with Sariska Safari Lodge

The Sariska area offers the thrill of jungle game drives and one of India’s most picturesque ghost towns…

By Jitender Sharma
Managing Director of Consortium Hotels

The Sariska National Park is a great story within itself. After 2005 when it was officially declared tigerless, the government joined forces with the Wildlife Institute to help the species repopulate. In 2008 it conducted the first successful tiger relocation in the world. It wasn’t an easy ride with several setbacks such as the tigers not mating due to the same gene pool and run-ins with the local villages. Today though we’re proud to say that 29 tigers currently reside in Sariska. Just knowing this makes any safari here special.

Private game drives delve into the wilderness for around three hours exploring the luscious forest,  jade-coloured streams and sculpture-like rockscape with a guide who can interpret the landscape and animal behaviour. Other than tigers, there are leopards – we have the second highest population in India for leopards with 273 – as well as nilgai antelope, chital and peafowl. Your time in the wilderness is perfect paired with a visit to Bhangarh, a 16th century abandoned city on the edge of the reserve which is not only beautiful but offers historical context of the area. It’s mesmerising, embedded into the foothills and one of India’s most haunted places although I’ve never seen a ghost.

There are plenty of optional excursions should you want to throw in a little tarka (spice) to your trip. The area is historically rich with remnants of mythological cities, jungle forts and ancient temples. Fifteen kilometres away lies Bairat, a peaceful and picturesque excavation site with some of its relics dating as far back as 350 years BC – many have now been transported to the Indian Museum in Kolkata. Fast forward to modern day and I would encourage you to visit the nearby ashram run by Lord Shiva devotees. Here among the lush greenery you can help serve food in the community kitchen in return for a spiritual detox. Top this off with high tea or sundowners by the neighbouring lake.


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Having worked for hotel brands such as Leisure Hotels and The Claridges, Jitender established his own portfolio, The Consortium Hotels, aimed to offer visitors unique hotels that immerse you into the destination from heritage havelis to wildlife lodges. When he’s not on the road or working at one of his hotels, he is somewhere in the wilderness, camera in hand.

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