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Things to do in India

Taste Mumbai’s top street food

Sample quintessential street food in Mumbai, from our famous pav bhaji to the Bombay burger and ice-cream sandwiches…

By Harshvardhan Tanwar
Co-owner of No Footprints Tours, Alfred&'s partner in India

If you love street food, this tour of Mumbai’s Khau Gully, which translates to food lane, is a must. We devised this trip to give travellers an understanding of what quintessential street food is like in Mumbai. You’ll visit the city’s various communities and hear the stories behind their dishes and ingredients. It’s one of the best ways to learn about our culture and history because there’s so much woven into food, from migration to politics, you name it.

Foodies rave about this experience; you get to taste around eight different dishes over three and a half hours. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson even came on the tour and declared the vada pav, our deep-fried potato dumpling in a bread bun, her favourite dish of the year. You’ll try more of our signature snacks like the Bombay burger and bhel puri, which is made of puffed rice, veg and tamarind sauce. People enjoy the pav bhaji, a vegetable curry with bread that was loved by workers from Mumbai’s cotton mills.

You’ll also get to visit some of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai, including Pancham Puriwala, famous for its puri thali– unbelievably, people used to come here to eat after watching hangings in the city. Then there’s the 100-year-old Iranian cafés that sprung up in the early 19th century, when bakers migrated here from Iran. I like taking guests to these cafés for tea and to meet the old guys who’ve been running them for what feels like eternity.

We finish up in Girgaon Chowpatty, a beach where you’ll witness real street food culture. On a Sunday, when families want to escape the kitchen, they get dressed up and go down to eat at the beach. You can sample treats like dosas from southern India, that have been adapted Bombay style, and snow cones. My favourite is ice cream sandwiches – big slugs of ice cream set between two thin wafers – delicious!


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Alfred & Harshvardhan Tanwar

Harshvardhan is a Mumbai local who trained as an engineer before moving into advertising and copywriting. A keen traveller, he took a walking tour in Paris and fell in love with the concept, so upon returning to Mumbai, co-founded No Footprints with his wife Eesha in 2013. Together they offer storytelling tours of Mumbai and Delhi that focus on the people, unexplored history and hidden sides of the cities.
Harsh and Eesha, No Footprints tours Mumbai and Delhi

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