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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Lunch in a Himalayan farmhouse

The idea was to slow down and give people a sense of our unique culture…

By Kabir and Ahana Pradhan
Owners of PaliGhar farmstay

When we set up our little farmhouse in the hills, the idea was to slow down and give people a sense of our unique Himalayan culture. Our traditional mud house is situated on the slopes where you can see the rolling fields full of crops. When we have guests we always try to sit outside to soak up the brilliant rural views.

Firstly, we give you an intro to the region while you sip on local tea. Our Himalayan lunches reflect the area’s diverse mix of communities from Nepalese to Tibetan. As well as culture, our food is influenced by the seasons and sourced from the surrounding farms.

In the summer, we present the smaller, fermented food that cools down your system such as gundruk, two-week fermented mustard greens that we turn into a light sour soup or into a raw salad with tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and mustard oil. In the winter we’re heavy on the comforting lentil dishes using kaloo dal (black lentils) simply cooked with ginger, salt and ghee that used to fuel the farmers for days out in the fields. Thali is a staple of ours and tends to include Nepali/Indian bread, rice and fresh meat like chicken, buffalo and mutton.

The main thing about Nepali cooking is simplicity and letting the ingredients shine. It’s very different to Indian style which involves a lot of spices. Vegetables, for example, carry their own flavour and we simply enhance them by adding small things like turmeric or cumin powder. As long as the ingredients are fresh, that’s the main thing.

Lunch here is a wonderful experience because it’s really interactive. You can see the ingredients growing, it’s being cooked right in front of your eyes and you’re talking to people from the local community. It’s that personal connection that’s most special.


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Alfred & Kabir and Ahana Pradhan

Kabir and Ahana left their cushy jobs in the city and returned to their hometown, Kalimpong to establish their sustainable farmstay, PaliGhar. Kabir has over 15 years’ experience in the travel industry and is passionate about the great outdoors. Ahana worked as a travel journalist before completing a master’s degree in business administration in the UK and is an avid home cook and baker. With their combined experience, they curate local, authentic, first-hand experiences for guests from all over the world.
Kabir and Ahana Pradhan, Owners of PaliGhar farmstay

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