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Things to do in Mauritius

Birds, bats and giant tortoises: the Mauritian wildlife tour

Visit Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve to walk among ebony trees and spot native wildlife, from birds to giant tortoises …

By Jaya Bissessur
Mauritius tour guide

Encounter exotic wildlife on this Mauritian eco-tour in Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. This little coral island lies on the south-east coast and is run by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Back in colonial days, the island was ruined by logging so now the foundation is focused on conservation, trying to restore the forest and reintroduce native animal species. On this trip, you get to see conservation in action and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

To get to the reserve, we take a boat trip from the mainland across the Mahebourg Bay. A park ranger will then lead us on a guided walk along the park’s trails, which are surrounded by native plants, including ancient ebony trees. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot fruit bats and birds like the rare Mauritius pink pigeon, olive white-eyes and blue parrots, as well as Aldabra giant tortoises that have been microchipped and reintroduced to the island.

After the walk, we make a stop at the famous Rault Biscuit Factory, set up by the French Rault family over a century ago. The biscuits are made from cassava and the recipe has been handed down over generations – you’ll get to have a taste and tour the plantation to learn how the biscuits are made. The trip ends with a traditional Mauritian lunch at a local restaurant before sailing back to the mainland.


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Alfred & Jaya Bissessur

Born and raised in Mauritius, tour guide Jaya Bissessur has been showing off her home country to visitors for almost 20 years. Her experience includes studying at the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi school and completing courses in marine and forest conservation. Jaya is passionate about protecting nature and wildlife and loves meeting guests from all over the world.
Jaya Bissessur, Mauritius tour guide

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