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A Rajasthani cooking class with Rakshita

As we chop vegetables and prepare the dishes, we’ll talk about the customs and rituals of Indian cuisine…

By Rakshita Dakshu
Cook and host

Join me in my family home for a cooking class, where I’ll teach you how to make some of Rajasthan’s signature dishes. I’ve always been passionate about food and love to share the recipes passed on to me from my family. Rajasthan is quite a dry state so we don’t have many fresh greens. Lots of our dishes are made from lentil powder – one of my favourites is laal maas, a mutton recipe.

The lesson begins with a trip to the vegetable market in my vintage jeep, which guests enjoy. It’s a vibrant farmer’s market where you can pick out whatever ingredients you like for me to build a menu around. I’ll teach you about the different spices on offer; in Rajasthan, we grow everything from cumin and mustard seeds to fennel, chili and turmeric. These all have medicinal values and are a big part of Indian cuisine.

Back at my home we’ll have a cup of chai before we start cooking. As we chop vegetables and prepare the dishes, we’ll talk about the customs and rituals of Indian cuisine. The menu depends on the seasonal ingredients we’ve chosen but popular dishes include a light gatta curry and kadhi, a soup prepared with buttermilk and chickpea flour. I’ll hand out recipes at the end, so you can recreate them when you return home.

When everything is cooked, we sit down for a meal together and chat about life in India. People are interested in what it’s like to live with your extended family – sometimes I’ll get out our wedding photos. People love coming to a real Indian household and meeting my family, seeing our dogs, cats and chickens. Often, we’ll stay in touch and months later guests will send me photos of the Rajasthani meals they’ve cooked at home – it’s a pleasure to see.


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Alfred & Rakshita Dakshu

Rakshita Dakshu’s family is one of the 16 Royal families of Ajmer. As a passionate cook, Rakshita loves to host lessons at their family home in Udaipur, showcasing traditional Rajasthani recipes such as her popular lal maas. Teaming up with her brother-in-law, an executive chef at ITC Hotel, Rakshita is proud to have cooked at some royal cuisine food festivals across India.
Rakshita Dakshu, cooking class in Udaipur

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