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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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A culinary walking tour of Lucknow

We’ll take you to the places locals love; they might not look fancy but just close your eyes and let your taste buds do the work…

By Prateek Hira
Owner of Tornos Tours, Alfred&'s partner in India

Explore Awadhi cuisine, which is unique to this region, on our popular evening food walk. Led by one of our food experts, you’ll hop from place to place, testing the signature dish at each eatery such as Lucknow’s famous melt-in-the-mouth kebab – these cooks are the masters of their trade. We’ll take you to the places locals love; they might not look fancy but you just have to close your eyes and let your taste buds do the work.

The walk starts around 7pm when the food stalls and shops are in full swing. At each stop, we’ll talk you through the origins of the dishes we sample, many are age-old recipes that have been passed down through the generations and are still cooked with traditional utensils and roasted over charcoal. You’ll learn about Awadhi food, which is a refined version of Mughlai cuisine with colonial influences from the British and French, as well as Persian flavours added by the many Shiites who’ve migrated to Lucknow.

Over the course of an hour and a half you’ll taste everything from tender water buffalo skewers to halva and goat meat with rice that’s been cooked in a sealed pot so it marinates in its juices. A highlight of the tour is trying Nihari gosht, trotters stewed overnight in mustard oil and chickpea flour, served with a flaky pastry to absorb the sauce. The mustard oil is buried under a tree through the monsoons and takes the aroma of the raindrops – it’s one of our favourite dishes.


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Alfred & Prateek Hira

Prateek Hira hails from Lucknow and is the owner of Tornos Tours, which offers experiential tours of the city that reveal its hidden stories, led by local experts. After studying travel and tourism, Prateek founded the company in 1994 and now offers over 30 experiences on themes ranging from gastronomy to history and cultural walking tours of Lucknow.  
Prateek Hira, Lucknow tours

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