Alongside its fascinating religious history, Israel packs in cosmopolitan cities, rolling hills, multi-coloured canyons and year-round sunny beaches.

Israel is not currently on sale due to the ongoing situation within the country.

With holy sites and sacred stories oozing from its ancient landscapes, most travellers flock to Israel to walk through the pages of history. But with a coastline bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee, plus liberal and vibrant cities, there’s more to this beautiful land than first meets the eye. Here, you can float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, walk through multi-coloured wave-like walls at Red Canyon, and party by the Med in Tel Aviv – all within a country around the size of Wales.

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Israel Regions

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Dead Sea Relaxation

Bathe in the world-famous Dead Sea’s magical waters on a day trip, available from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which are both around two hours’ drive from Israel’s and Jordan’s shared natural attraction. Found at the lowest point on earth, the water in the Dead Sea is so salty that you’ll float buoyantly at the surface. Your skin will feel noticeably smoother, thanks to the softening mud that bathers slather on their skin before taking a dip. The salt is packed with minerals and is known for its antiseptic and pain-relieving qualities. You’ll get the chance to buy some Dead Sea products at a cosmetics shop and take some of this natural wonder home with you. We recommend bringing swimwear, a towel, hat and sunscreen.

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Bethlehem & Jericho

Visit the birthplace of Jesus and one of the world’s oldest cities. Begin your tour by heading through the Judean Desert, east of Jerusalem, and visit the site of a biblical parable, The Inn of the Good Samaritan – this site was a hostel along the ancient road of Jerusalem to Jericho, with remains from the Roman to Ottoman periods. You’ll continue to Jericho, a Palestinian territory and the oldest city in the world. Stop by the sycamore tree of the biblical tax collector Zacchaeus before seeing the Mount of Temptation. Explore Tel Jericho, a UNESCO-nominated archaeological site in the West Bank where settlements dating back to 10,000BC have been discovered (cable car not included here). The last leg of your tour is in the city of Bethlehem, also in the West Bank and famous for being the birthplace of Jesus. Walk through the central Manger Square to the Church of the Nativity, the oldest major church in the Holy Land area. Visit the Catholic Chapel of the Milk Grotto, home to a series of caves hollowed out of soft white rock, and the Shepherds’ Field, the site of the angels’ annunciation to the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. Browse a local souvenir shop before making the journey back to your hotel.

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Bethlehem City Tour

See Bethlehem’s major sights on this half-day tour, beginning at Manger Square where you’ll visit the Church of the Nativity – the oldest church in the Holy Land and the entry point to one of the most significant biblical sites. Admire the ancient limestone columns and mosaic floors before heading down into the Grotto of the Nativity, the cave where a 14-point silver star marks the spot where Jesus is believed to have been born. Next, visit the Chapel of the Milk Grotto, where the stones are said to have turned white when the Virgin Mary spilt a drop of milk while nursing the baby Jesus; and Shepherd’s Field, where an angel announced Jesus’s birth. Stop by a shop for souvenirs of your trip before returning to Jerusalem.

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Biblical Highlights of the Galilee

Begin your tour of important biblical landmark with a coastal drive as you make your way to Jesus’ childhood home, Nazareth. On your city tour, you’ll see the Basilica of the Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph, both believed to be built on sites relating to Mary and Joseph. Drive to Tiberias, one of Judaism’s four holy cities, and along the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum where Jesus taught and peformed many miracles. Continue to the Church of Multiplication of the Fish and Loaves in Tabgha before ending your tour at Yardenit, where Jesus was thought to be baptised.

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Jerusalem City Tour

This half-day tour is an excellent introduction to some of Jerusalem’s key sights. You’ll start by driving up to the Mount of Olives next to the Old City for panoramic views, before stopping at Mount Zion to explore a trio of religious sites: King David’s Tomb, the Cenacle (room of the Last Supper) and the Dormition Abbey – a German-built abbey with a striking clock tower, domed roof and encircling towers. Head into the Old City and pass through the Armenian and Jewish Quarters en route to the recently restored Cardo, or Roman road. Stop off at the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall) before continuing to the Christian Quarter where you’ll be able to follow the Via Dolorosa (the route Jesus had to take carrying the cross) and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the site of his crucifixion and burial.

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Masada & Dead Sea

Journey to the lowest place on earth and explore an ancient desert fortress. Depart from Tel Aviv and travel via Israel’s rolling Judean Hills to the Dead Sea – visit a cosmetics shop here before driving along the shoreline to Masada. This historic fortress is in Israel’s Judean Desert, on a huge plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Head up the mountain by cable car for a tour of the fortress, built by King Herod around 30BC and the place where the Zealots of the 1st Century stood against the Romans – remains include the palace, walls, synagogue, cisterns and Roman baths with mosaic floors. Come down by cable car and head back to the Dead Sea, where you’ll be able to spend a bit of time floating in the world’s saltiest spot and bathing in enriching mineral mud, believed to have therapeutic properties.

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