When we ask our knowledgeable Travel Experts what question they receive the most about the Caribbean, it’s always “Which Caribbean island is the best?”

But we want to let you in on a little secret… there is no “best”.

Each Caribbean island is unique in its own right, which means the best way to find out which island is “best” is to find out which island is right for you based on your personal holiday interests. Here are our Travel Expert's top recommendations...


With over 365 little, idyllic beaches fringing this charming island, you have a number of resorts to choose from – whether it’s large or small, modern or luxurious. Both evocative English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard National Park offer yachting, sailing and colonial heritage for those interested, if not, then you can always soak up the sun on the terrace with a drink in hand, take a dip in turquoise waters to uncover local reefs or relax on Antigua’s glorious white sands.

Best for: Those who don’t mind spending their time in resort or on a glistening beach nearby with a couple of cultured day trips to explore the rest of the island.


Some of the world’s finest resorts and high-end designer shopping complexes are common on this sophisticated, laid-back island right on the edge of the Atlantic. With various spectacular beaches ready to discover, Barbados is ideal for surfers, wind-surfers and traditional sun seekers who love to mingle with the colourful locals. Cricket and afternoon tea or calypso music, dancing and a rum cocktail are also popular evening pursuits, as are St Lawrence Gap and Oistins, famous for its ‘Fish Friday’ street food.

Best for: Those with any budget, you can opt for lavish upscale resorts to lively all inclusive holidays but you must enjoy relaxing on the beach, hitting the waves and dining out above anything else.


Pristine coastlines and intriguing cities: Cuba is the passionate time-capsule of the Caribbean. This fascinating island truly is like no other. Cuba offers elegant towns, talented musicians, historical highlights and charming urban beauty. If you love exploring on your holidays, then Havana alone with its alluring character is worth a few days exploration, even if you’d just like to spot some of those infamous classic American cars.

Best for: Those looking for cultural touring. Anyone with a sense of adventure and the urge to explore is best suited to Cuba and its delightful cities, with the addition of a relaxing few nights in Varadero after.


For an authentic taste of the Caribbean, it’s Grenada that you’ll fall in love with. Often referred to as the ‘Spice Island’, you really can smell ginger, nutmeg and vanilla in the air. Small but inviting beaches, such as Grand Anse, are backed by rainforest-covered hills that make for an ideal blend of exploration and relaxation. The landscapes of Grand Etang National Park up in Grenada’s mountains are worth the hike if you think you’re up to it. Failing that hit traditional St George’s on a Saturday morning and pick up a few bags of those spices while mixing with the friendly local market sellers.

Best for: Those wanting a quieter Caribbean escape, who want to take in the local culture and do a bit of exploring but can come back to a low-key resort when they feel like it.


Don’t be mistaken for thinking that Jamaica is an island of rum and reggae, with a distinct and lively urban culture alongside an array of landscapes, from the Blue Mountains to lush cane fields and beautiful Negril beach to the hidden waterfalls of Ochos Rios; Jamaica will leave you captivated. If you like exploring both old and new, then this island of contrasts may be for you. Dine in the restaurants and bars of Montego Bay and try Jamaica’s infamous exotic dishes or take a tour of the local plantation houses to see the colonial times of old too.

Best for: Those foodies who love a bit of spice in their diet and soul in their music; ideal if you’re looking for an all-inclusive holiday with a blend of old and new, natural discovery and lively evenings.


Mayan ruins and white powder beaches; Mexico has it all. Azure waters and swaying palms can be found on its Yucatan Peninsula as well as world-class diving, alongside a diverse choice of resorts and beaches to suit all budgets. Venture inland and you’ll soon find activity-packed eco-parks and spectacular archaeological sites for all the family. Discover the jungle-clad ruins of Palenque and the breath-taking temples at Chichen Itza, to really appreciate this Central American gem before unwinding on the shores of Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Best for: Those who love incredible nightlife and picture-perfect beaches for a decent price but also those looking for a cultural journey back in time among intricate ruins and the colonial architecture of Mexico City.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is definitely one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean for honeymoons. For romance and sheer beauty, you couldn’t wish for more than its famous Pitons, its rain forests that are ready to explore or its wide white beaches, perfect for relaxing afterwards. What’s more there is a variety of indulgent all-inclusive resorts here for all budgets. But if you’re not on your honeymoon, then St. Lucia was made for divers, snorkelers, trekkers and those who generally love the excitement of outdoor living.

Best for: Those who want an active holiday packed with zip-lining through St. Lucia’s natural beauty or those who want a deeply romantic Caribbean honeymoon with an adrenaline-fuelled twist.

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