Dubai: the Jewel of the Emirates

Dubai is a city that takes things to the next level, and that's especially true when it comes to its landmarks. Be wowed by the world's tallest building, sip high tea in a seven-star hotel and take a shopping trip with a twist in the Dubai Mall, which is home to an aquarium, opera house, and even an ice rink.

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The Places

Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury and extravagance; it's a place where dune-bashing desert adventures meet modern marvels of architecture. If you've already 'done' Dubai, you could always pick one of the UAE's other glittering Emirates. 

The Insights

Each of Dubai's neighbourhoods has a mood of its own. There's the architecturally spectacular Downtown Dubai, the marina and five-star-resort-lined Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Islands where family thrills are the focus, and the iconic Palm, a man-made masterpiece that's home to some of the Emirate's most famous addresses.

The Stays

With convenient regional flights available, this glittering desert city is a breeze to reach, plus you have the best of both worlds – city and beach – at your fingertips.  The choice of Dubai accommodation is seemingly endless so we've picked a few of our favourites to help with your decision.

The Stays

Check out a few of the latest additions to our Dubai portfolio; they range from much-anticipated and tres chic 2023 openings to vibrant and uber fun resorts where kid-friendly facilities get equal billing.