China & Japan holiday highlights

The People’s Republic of China boasts legendary landmarks and layer upon layer of heritage and culture. Holidays to this enigmatic nation can involve coming face to face with an ancient army of thousands, wandering along a section of a 5,500 mile wall or cruising sedately along a river and witnessing glorious natural landscapes. Immerse yourself in city life in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong where you can explore resplendent temples, shop to your heart’s content or walk in the shadows of soaring towers that reflect the new age of this global superpower’s financial supremacy.  With a history as colourful as the fireworks it invented, China offers an abundance of iconic notable sights from the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing to the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an.

Forging a lead in the development of 21st Century technology yet faithfully holding onto its traditions and culture, the nation of Japan is both unique and enthralling. Vibrant and highly populated cities, such as the capital Tokyo, boast a pace of life so relentless fast that it may seem impossible to step off the treadmill, while sleepy villages feature striking local architecture and still hold true to traditions that have been observed for centuries. Receive a warm welcome from Japan’s resilient yet hospitable people as you enjoy the striking natural landscapes framed exquisitely every spring by the candyfloss colours of cherry blossom.

Enjoy a voyage of discovery to a dramatically different world where an oriental ambience, unique to the exotic East, pervades everyday life.