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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Linking the past to the present at Beijing’s Temple of Heaven

This tour really gives you a clear and new understanding of our country rather than simply marvelling at one of Beijing’s national treasur…

By Simone Sturla
Inbound Manager at Asian Trails, Alfred&'s partners in China

Linkng past at present at The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is one of Beijing’s most iconic and popular landmarks and while it’s fascinating to learn how the construction of the white marble platforms link to Chinese cosmology, there’s so much more to discuss. Nowhere else does the city’s past and present exist so prominently side by side.

Still a gathering place for Beijingers of all ages, our guide Jeremiah, an American scholar resident in Beijing, will provide you with a detailed narrative linking the past to the present. As we walk through the space, we discuss political, economic and social current development and observe how the ancient forms of political legitimacy linger into the 21st Century. This tour really gives you a clear and new understanding of our country rather than simply marvelling at one of Beijing’s national treasures. Of course, there’s plenty of time for pictures too! It’s a magnificent structure.

Along the way we like to give our guests the chance to witness the vibrant culture of one of Beijing’s largest parks where you can find locals practicing their dancing, music and martial arts. If you’re lucky you’ll see parents match making their often unsuspecting, grown up children!

We hope to share with you a more authentic experience so that your visit is more than ticking off sights. We want to help you understand the city’s multitude of layers and give you that extra insight.




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Alfred & Simone Sturla

Originally from Italy, Simone is the inbound manager and business development director for our partners in China, Asian Trails. Asian Trails look after our customers when they arrive, ensuring they have access to the very best local guides and all the benefits that local contacts can bring. From his early days guiding groups across South America and Africa to teaching guests about the wondrous world below the ocean surface as a scuba diving teacher, Simone is never shy of an adventure. Having sparked an affectionate relationship with China, Simone has mastered the Chinese language to a fluent level and is proud to call the world's largest country home. In his spare time, he enjoys diving deep into the world of ancient religions and philosophies as well keeping his advanced scuba skills up to date.  

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