An intoxicating land of wildlife-rich parks and idyllic beaches

From its wildlife-rich rolling plains to its fertile winelands, Africa enchants us. Imagine drifting over the rolling plains of the Maasai Mara at dawn on a hot-air balloon ride, or sitting with your toes buried in golden sands overlooking Zanzibar’s calm waters as the sun sets. Whether your dream is to float silently along Botswana’s meandering waterways in a traditional canoe, soak up the buzz of Cape Town’s world-class waterfront, or watch in awe as over a million wildebeest thunder across the wilds of the Serengeti, we can make it happen.

Africa is known for its wildlife and Big Five-seeking safaris top plenty of bucket lists. But a trip to the sub-Sahara isn't all about animal encounters; there are cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town, incredible remote islands where bright white sand meets sea as clear as glass and sprawling landscapes where incredible human stories have played out. Sip on wine produced just a stone's throw from your luxury hotel, walk in the footsteps of Zulu warriors or climb the highest freestanding mountain on Earth. You can come back to Africa time and again and never have the same experience twice.

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Africa is wild and beautiful. Scorched open plains, rugged coastlines, vine-carpeted valleys and mile-high desert dunes.

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