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Things to do in South Africa

Visit townships and Robben Island on the Walk to Freedom

You’ll hear Nelson Mandela’s story on Robben Island and visit the townships where residents were gravely affected by apartheid laws…

By Khonaye Tuswa
Director of Camissa Travel, Alfred&'s partner in South Africa

Learn about apartheid in South Africa on this unique Walk to Freedom tour. You’ll hear Nelson Mandela’s story on Robben Island and visit the townships where residents were gravely affected by apartheid laws. You’ll also get the chance to talk to the people who live in these communities today. It’s a human-orientated trip and we hire guides directly from the townships, so you get to walk our streets and hear our stories – you’re not a voyeur, you’re our guest.

This full-day tour starts at 9am on the site of District Six, one of the old residential areas of the city. This once busy, multi-racial community was destroyed during apartheid when the government ordered mass evictions and sent people to townships miles outside of the city centre. Next, we visit Langa, a typical black African township where you’ll be greeted by a community site guide who lives there and will show you around, perhaps even introducing you to their family.

The tour continues with a visit to Bonteheuwel, a former mixed-parentage township where you’ll learn how people were classified as ‘non-white’ during apartheid and separated into different areas. Our final stop is at Gugulethu, where we visit the Gugulethu Seven Memorial which commemorates the deaths of seven young black activists killed by police in 1986 and the Amy Biehl Memorial, who was a young American student and anti-apartheid activist who was murdered here.

At about midday, we drop you at the V&A Waterfront where you can grab a bite to eat before boarding the boat to Robben Island. This part of the trip is run by the official Robben Island Museum and is split into two legs, a one-hour bus tour of the island and a tour of what used to be the maximum-security prison, led by a former political prisoner. You’ll get to see Nelson Mandela’s cell – it represents an incredibly important moment in South Africa’s history.

A lot of guests say that visiting the townships is a real eye-opener and they cherish meeting the real people of South Africa. If you want to connect the dots, this Walk to Freedom tour will answer your questions about our political past and how we came to be. There’s a philosophy I believe in: if you tell me I will forget, if you show me I will remember but if you involve me I will understand.


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Alfred & Khonaye Tuswa

Khonaye Tuswa was brought up by his grandparents in a remote village on the eastern Cape. He later lived with his aunt in Cape Town, who ran a tour business and inspired Khonaye to study travel and become a tour guide in Langa township. In 2006 he founded Camissa Travel, which is part of South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment initiative and specialises in people-focused township tours.
Khonaye Tuswa, director of Camissa Travel, Walk to Freedom tour

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