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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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A walk through Stellenbosch’s artisanal food and drink scene

The whole theme of the Foodies on Foot tour is to showcase our wonderful owner-run, family-run restaurants and businesses…

By Simone Jacobs
Owner and head guide of Bites and Sites Food Tours

The whole theme of the Foodies on Foot tour is to showcase our artisans. We have so many wonderful owner-run, family-run restaurants and businesses, and you can feel the passion that goes into their products. We remain on foot in the heart of the historical town, where we can share the backstory of Stellenbosch, so guests understand what the place is about and feel its energy. We don’t just go, ‘Look! There’s food, let’s eat, let’s drink,’ and we don’t drown people in historical facts either. Our guides, because they’re so passionate about what they’re doing, also recount personal experiences and funny local stories. 

Each product has a story as to how it came to be and after hearing it it’s amazing how everything tastes so much more authentic. There’s a visit to the oldest butchery in town, which has been operating since the late 1800s, and the way they make their cured meats such as biltong and dried sausage is very similar to how they were doing it back then. There’s a tasting, of course – with options for vegetarians and other dietary restrictions – before guests go for a local (award-winning) gin experience. They get snacks with that to cleanse the palate before going on to a craft beer tasting: three different locally brewed ones, little shots, just to get the flavours. Then at the botanical garden, they get to see, feel and smell the ingredients used for gin, so it’s a sensory experience as well. 

Each supplier is special, but I must say I love the lunch charcuterie platter at The Blue Crane & The Butterfly – they create the most amazing things. Every time we go, there’s something different because it’s all locally sourced and what’s in season. They take artisanal sourdough, with macadamia nut oil drizzled over it and a sprinkling of sea salt, and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes until it’s crispy. I wish I could offer you a plate now because it’s so delicious. Then there’s the specially made liquid dessert, the Cardamom Crane, a blend of cold brew, cardamom-infused syrup, chocolate ganache and cardamom-infused cream. It’s basically angels playing on your tongue when you sip it. What we tell guests is that you eat the calories, but you walk them off. So it’s a brilliant 50/50 balance and everyone’s happy.

By the end, guests feel they’ve really discovered the heart of the town, the hidden gems that they wouldn’t have found if they had gone and explored by themselves. They take away a real sense of Stellenbosch’s creative energy and an understanding of its phenomenal food scene, along with some fantastic stories to tell.


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Alfred & Simone Jacobs

Simone Jacobs grew up in the Western Cape and studied Advanced Tourism and Logistics at the University of South Africa. After a three-year stint in Europe, she returned to Stellenbosch in 2004 where she worked initially for a booking agent. She first started working with Bites and Sites as a freelance guide, eventually becoming a permanent guide and operations manager. In July 2020, she was offered the chance to buy the company from the woman who’d founded it 10 years earlier and is now its owner and CEO.

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