Can I visit the Seychelles?

From 1 August, only visitors who travel from countries deemed to be a low or medium COVID-19 risk will be permitted to visit the Seychelles. The United Kingdom is not currently on the list of approved countries but the list may be updated at any time. You can visit  to see the list of permitted countries. Currently, the FCDO advise against all non-essential travel to the Seychelles. We are currently accepting bookings to travel from December 2020 onwards but if the FCDO advice does not change these holidays will not be able to go ahead. You will then have the option of amending to new dates or cancelling free of charge. Please regularly refer to FCDO travel advice for up to date information.

What is life like in the Seychelles?

Life in Seychelles is back to normal, but of course under the ‘new normal’. Most businesses are open, with the exception of those which may be waiting to be ‘safe certified’. Practicing social distancing is now the norm and the wearing of face mask is also becoming more common; face masks are a requirement for accessing certain services and facilities and where social distancing cannot be practiced. Nightlife such as nightclubs, concerts and any large gatherings are still restricted.

How should I keep safe in Seychelles?

Wearing of mask is becoming common and the public in general are required to exercise social distancing and good hygiene at all times. There is no contact tracing app available but clients may be required to provide their contact details for that purpose. We encourage clients to keep track of the places they have been to at all times.

What was the COVID-19 pandemic response? 

Seychelles’ approach towards the pandemic has been one of containment and prevention. The country underwent a three-week lock down in April, whereby numerous facilities and services were closed. Upon reopening, some new measures have been put into place which the public are required to follow. These include the wearing of face masks in crowded places such as the market, practising social distancing, regular temperature checks and observing good hygiene at all times.  

Are there any pre-departure requirements in regards to visas and passports?

If you are eligible for entry to Seychelles, you must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test performed within the 72 hours prior to boarding your flight and you must print and take copy with you (see below for more details).

What are the quarantine guidelines in Seychelles?

Visitors to the islands are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival. Visitors may be required to quarantine in the event that they show symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for the virus. A few facilities have been identified for this purpose and all expenses will be at the your cost.

If I test positive for COVID-19 in Seychelles what will happen?

In the event that you tests positive, you will need to be isolated and quarantined. There are a few quarantine facilities that have been identified and expenses will be at the your own cost.  Treatment will be provided and various tests done daily until you are COVID free and certified fit to travel. There are guidelines in place which you must follow if you suspect you have become infected during your stay. You must self-isolate and alert someone such as the hotel management or a person identified for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also alert your Destination Specialist or call the Public Health hotline number which is 141.

What is the airport experience like?

Upon arrival, you will go to the health desk where temperature screening will take place. You will need to have your travel documents to hand (see details below) and be able to present your negative test certificate. On the basis of this screening, you may be required to take a further test on arrival. You will then be informed of safety measures and briefed on your terms of stay at the accommodation and register your details for follow up with the health department.  You must also ensure that you wear a face mask at all times in the airport and maintain social distancing throughout.

What are the transfers like?

Face masks are mandatory in all transfers including vehicles, boats and aeroplanes. All the vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before and after each transfer, especially the high touch points such as seat belts and door handles. You should maintain social distancing where possible such as only occupying the rear seats in a vehicle.

What should I expect at the hotel?

Each hotel has their own Standard Operating Procedures which have been adapted to respond to the current situation. You should expect to experience more contactless services (e.g. upon check-in and at the restaurants and bars), increased hygiene and sanitary measures throughout the resort and some of the services/facilities operating at reduced capacity. You must ensure that you follow local social distancing guidelines and wear a face mask in public areas of the hotels. For the first five nights of your stay you will be unable to leave your hotel, although you will be able to use the facilities. You will then need to take a second COVID-19 test and, once this is returned negative you will be free to explore the local area. 

Forms and tests required for travel to and from Seychelles

If you are eligible for entry to Seychelles, you must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test performed within the 72 hours prior to boarding your flight and you must print and take copy with you. All negative test result certificates, including all flights and accommodation details, must be sent to the Public Health Authority via email. If visitors fail to submit this information, they’ll have to take a COVID-19 PCR or a Rapid Antigen test upon arrival.