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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Peponi: an unpretentious escape for those in the know

The magic happens at around 6.30pm when everyone gathers for sundowners barefoot…

By Mustafa Lekishon
General Manager at Peponi

Peponi is a small boutique hotel started by Danish-born Aage and Wera Korschen who fell in love with the property in 1966. When Kenya won independence, they lost their home in the highlands and yearning for one final trip, headed to Malindi and from there visited Lamu. The rest is history. Today, the third generation of Korschens are starting to take over the running of the hotel. You’re most likely to meet them during cocktail hour.

We try to be discreet about the guests but yes, Peponi has been visited by many celebrities over the years perhaps because of our inherent barefoot culture which I believe to be unique to Lamu. The magic happens at around 6.30pm when everyone gathers for sundowners around the terrace or the ‘watering hole,’ as we call it as it is located right at the water’s edge. No two evenings on the shorefront are ever the same; fishermen fix their dhows, neighbours chatter as they paddle, and expats drop in for a drink before a stroll down the 12-kilometre unspoilt beach. You could be talking to a CEO of a large corporation or a local resident. Everyone is treated the same – anonymous and mingling barefoot.

You won’t find telephones or televisions in our 29 rooms which is deliberate – just ocean views, hammock beds (in the Superior Rooms) and a fan to swirl around the sea breeze. On the other hand, our restaurant offers incredible range from Japanese and Italian cuisine to Southeast Asian and of course Swahili fare with dishes like prawn biryani on the menu. However, we always encourage people to explore Shela village as much as possible to experience its rich Islamic culture. There are traditional restaurants, mosques and artisan shops all navigable with our hand-drawn map. Its cleanliness is owed to the many sustainable projects we’re involved with including Lamu Marine Conservation Trust that maintains the pristine ocean environment and protects endangered sea turtles. In the morning you’ll probably see the Korschen family’s camels take away any rubbish from the beach.

In Lamu Town, our guides are Lamu born and raised. When we buy fish, we buy from local fishermen, and we promote local dhow boats rather than use our own. We’re completely integrated into Lamu’s fabric and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Alfred & Mustafa Lekishon

Mustafa is a passionate and highly trained hotelier with experience across Kenya and Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks. Having grown up in the iconic Maasai Mara, tourism runs in his blood. In the past he has worked for hotels such as Diani Beach Resort & Spa and Diamonds Leisure Lodge Resort & Golf Resort for over 21 years. Through this experience, he offers expert knowledge, personal service, that magic touch and a contagious smile.

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