Our top tips for booking a Kuoni honeymoon

Our top tips for booking a Kuoni honeymoon

We know organising a wedding can be exhausting, but we’re here to ensure planning your honeymoon won’t be. Steve Yates from our Peter Jones store has sent many newlyweds off on spectacular post-wedding adventures. Keep reading to discover Steve’s top tips when it comes to planning your Kuoni honeymoon in-store and what you can expect from your appointment.

What can you expect in store when booking your Kuoni honeymoon?

We aim for the experience to be inspiring and to leave you feeling excited about the most special trip of your lives. After indulging in a nice cool glass of Champagne you will sit down with one of our Personal Travel Experts who will chat to you about your plans and really understand what you both want to experience on honeymoon.

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What are the most popular honeymoons destinations?

The Maldives has always been and still is a firm favourite. If you’re looking for that Robinson Crusoe experience these tiny islands are hard to beat. Recently we’ve noticed a trend in honeymooners wanting to do more active honeymoons, such as African safaris followed by a relaxing beach destination such as Zanzibar or Mauritius, or Costa Rica where there is a delightful blend of wildlife, tropical forests, adventure, and beaches.


Do you need to have an idea about where you'd like to go?

We aim to take all the hard work out of researching destinations. It can help if honeymooners have already done some research, but we are very knowledgeable, so after an initial talk we can help you narrow down the perfect destinations so we can craft your perfect honeymoon.

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Can friends and family contribute towards honeymoons as a wedding gift?

Absolutely. We have a Kuoni Gift List service available, which offers friends and family the chance to contribute to your honeymoon as an alternative to (or as well as) a traditional wedding present. We find this free service works very well, especially if you would like to push the boat out for some extra special experiences such as a hot air balloon in Kenya, or a room upgrade, as knowing contributions will be coming later can be a way to make this financially possible.

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What's the most unusual honeymoon you've booked?

I have arranged a honeymoon combining some wonderfully diverse experiences. They went to see gorillas in Rwanda, then did an epic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro before finishing with some very well-deserved relaxation on Pemba Island, near Zanzibar.

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How far ahead do people usually book their honeymoon?

We see a mixture, but it’s best when honeymooners are organised and planning ahead. The best time would be around 11 months before you plan to travel when flights are just starting to be released. That way you can secure the best flight prices and the best range of accommodation will be available. We can book honeymoons even further ahead than that, as well as more imminent departures too.

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Do Kuoni do LGBT+ honeymoons?

We do indeed. We can suggest LBGT-friendly destinations which will give you the richest experiences and ensure your honeymoon goes smoothly.

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Our Personal Travel Experts are here to create unique holiday moments that you’ll talk about for years to come so don’t leave your special occasion to chance, leave it to the experts. Call us or visit us in store and we’ll help to mark your milestone event in style.

This feature was published on 27th May 2022. The information within this feature is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of print. Feature by Claire Bodie.