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Discover beautiful Barbados and other idyllic islands on a Caribbean cruise

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for cruises and a journey around these paradise islands wouldn’t be complete without visiting the vibrant island of Barbados. The talcum powder sands and clear turquoise waters make a striking first impression as you approach the coast and there’s plenty to explore inland, from award-winning restaurants to tropical gardens. 

There are a number of different ways to explore Barbados on a cruise. You could experience the romance of traditional sailing on board the world’s largest full-rigged sailing ship or enjoy a fun-packed family cruise with world-class entertainment, a great choice of restaurants, and incredible facilities, from climbing walls and dodgems to skydiving and surf simulators. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more intimate experience on a luxurious small cruise which sails to yacht harbours that the larger ships can’t reach.

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The Caribbean & South America

Combine the world-renowned beauty of Barbados with a sophisticated journey around the Caribbean on board the boutique ship, Silver Wind.

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Windward Islands

Feel the Caribbean vibes soothe your soul as you relax upon the inviting sands of Barbados before your cruise through some of the Caribbean's most idy...

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Island hop in the Caribean

Countless shades of blue meet the golden sands and deep-green jungles on the islands of the Caribbean, the setting of this tropical stay and cruise ho...

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NYC & the Southern Caribbean

This stay and cruise holiday is tailored for families. Explore New York before boarding the Anthem of the Seas® for some high-octane fun.

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Barbados & Luxury Caribbean Islands

Embark on a luxurious island-hopping journey around the Caribbean, ticking off charming and idyllic spots after a beach stay in Barbados.

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Barbados & Grenadines Under Sail

Get a taste of authentic Caribbean charm, with a beach stay followed by a romantic voyage under sail.

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