Big, bold and beautiful; holidays in the USA take you on silver-screen adventures from glitzy cities to natural wonders.

There’s no one-size-fits-all description for this colossal country. You can road trip down long and winding highways, lose yourself in culture-rich cities that seem familiar yet foreign or feel dwarfed by natural wonders that embody the true meaning of ‘awesome’.

Everything about the USA is diverse. There are sleepy towns and villages which sit within easy reach of cities that don’t sleep; and the natural landscapes include rocky coastlines, meandering rivers, forest-clad mountains, deep canyons and fertile plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. And while the United States may not be at the front of travellers’ minds when it comes to history and heritage, if you scratch below the surface there are plenty of human interest stories to be discovered. We’ve explored each corner of the United States, seeking the finest hotels in the best locations, and we work with partners that pride themselves on the unique experiences they provide on their unforgettable journeys.

Whatever adventure you’re dreaming of, speak to one of our USA Experts or pop into your local store to create your perfect tailor-made USA holiday.

  • The great outdoors – there are 59 national parks throughout the country and hundreds of state parks
  • Exploring iconic cities bursting with world famous sights and cultural attractions
  • Family adventures at the theme parks in California and Florida
  • EA melting pot of cultures and a wide variety of cuisines (and large portions)
  • Spectacular coastlines from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic

Good to know

Time difference:

Eastern Standard Time: GMT -5 hours
Central Standard Time: GMT -6 hours
Mountain Standard Time: GMT -7 hours
Pacific Standard Time: GMT -8 hours
Alaska Standard Time: GMT -9 hours
Hawaii-Aleutian Time: GMT - 10 hours


Washington D.C.


US Dollar ($)

Flying time to destination:

Boston: 7½ hours
New York City: 8 hours
Philadelphia & Washington D.C.: 8¼ hours
Chicago: 8½ hours
Orlando & Atlanta: 9½ hours
Miami, Tampa & New Orleans: 10 hours
Savannah (indirect flight): 11¼ hours
Memphis (indirect flight): 11½ hours
Las Vegas: 10¼ hours

Denver: 10 hours
Phoenix: 11 hours
Salt Lake City (indirect flight): 12½ hours
Seattle: 9¾ hours
Los Angeles & San Diego: 11¼ hours
San Francisco: 11 hours
Anchorage, Alaska (indirect flight): 13½ hours
Honolulu, Hawaii (indirect flight): 16 hours

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