We’re proud to partner with Trafalgar, who design their stress-free tours so you can experience the world differently. With Trafalgar, you’ll get the personal service, attention to detail and ease you’re looking for while enjoying the unmissable icons and one-of-a-kind experiences you’ve always dreamed of, whether it’s on an active tour, a leisurely sightseeing holiday or a multi-country discovery.

Since 1947, Trafalgar has used guest feedback to innovate guided tours. Today, it offers travellers the best and most relevant way to travel. Trafalgar has the experience and knows how to adapt to change while ensuring your holiday is always stress-free, so you can focus on what matters – having a great time and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Trafalgar knows that you don’t just want to see places; you want to be a part of them, to savour not just sights and sounds but experiences, to get insider looks at cultures, customs and wonders. This is why Trafalgar doesn’t just take you to see places; instead, they have locals open their doors to welcome you in like friends. From staying at small, family-run hotels to meeting passionate keepers of cultures and traditions, Trafalgar crafts memorable encounters and connections you will cherish for years to come.


Trafalgar has helped fund over 60 sustainability projects and their MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences have a positive impact on the people and places you visit.

Their global network gives you access to local communities, secret restaurants, out-of-hours tours and story-filled places to stay.

Trafalgar uses guest feedback to innovate its guided tours. Local specialist guides provide a wealth of personal insight in each location.

Each group tour is perfectly planned. Your knowledgeable Trafalgar Tour Director is the backbone of your trip, making sure everything is seamless and stress-free.  

the Trafalgar difference

One-of-a-kind experiences

With Trafalgar’s global network, you’ll unlock local access to communities and people around the world that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. A Trafalgar tour connects you with locals who are proud to welcome you into their community and share their stories through food – not only to experience the region’s delicacies, but also the way of life. From secret restaurants to 160+ Trafalgar exclusive Be My Guest experiences with local families, you’ll gain a glimpse into the lives of the people who call these places home.

As well as staying at trusted hotel partners like Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton, in every destination you’ll also enjoy unique Trafalgar ‘Stays with stories’ accommodation. More than just a place to rest your head, these are stays that are part of the heritage and fabric of the communities you visit. From centuries-old castles to historical homesteads, you’ll be immersed in the stories behind each property.

Must-see local secrets

Trafalgar knows that visiting bucket-list sites is a highlight of travelling – and also that travelling on your own can make things hard work. Don’t queue with other sightseers for hours; let the Trafalgar experts unlock doors exclusively for you – from access to the Vatican out of hours to a tour of Versailles and its grounds with an expert. This, coupled with the intimate glimpses and hidden gems Trafalgar’s local specialists show you, are the life-changing experiences that make you feel like an insider, not a tourist.

No guidebook can ever replace local knowledge, expertise and passion. You’ll appreciate the expertise of Trafalgar’s Local Specialist Guides in many destinations. Fiercely passionate and incredibly proud, you’ll unlock the best of each location thanks to their personal lens on the places you visit. With Culture with Trafalgar, over 300 intimate cultural experiences give a deeper understanding of the heart and soul of places and people. See the world through a different lens by feeling the fire of a El Palacio Andaluz flamenco show in Spain, learn the secrets of French cuisine at L’Atelier De Chefs in Paris, or delve into the life of Johnny Cash with a member of his family at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville.

Making travel matter

When you choose Trafalgar, you are choosing to make your travels a force for good and support their goal to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®. Trafalgar recognises its responsibility to ensure the impact on the planet, the people they visit and the rich wildlife they encounter on their travels is a positive one.

TreadRight is a not-for-profit founded by Trafalgar and their sister brands under The Travel Corporation (TTC), established to support sustainable tourism projects around the world. MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® are conscious travel experiences that create a positive social or environmental impact on people and the communities you visit. Through TreadRight, Trafalgar has helped fund more than 60 sustainability projects worldwide, such as helping to keep the ancient craft of weaving alive at Giuditta Brozzetti Studio in Tuscany, the local farm-to-table movement at O’o Farm in Hawaii or educating about the history of the Frogmore Cotton Plantation and gins in Natchez, USA.

Personal service

With Trafalgar, you’ll gain access to travel expertise and dedicated service to support you at every step. From the moment you arrive in your destination to the moment you depart, everything is taken care of. Your on-road team will support you at every stage, making travel a breeze. Working together to take care of every logistic and hurdle, answering questions, and providing reassurance and support, your team ensures that you can travel worry-free and enjoy Simply the Best experiences.

Your Trafalgar Tour Director is the backbone of every trip. They are there for your every need along the way as they work behind the scenes to ensure all plans run seamlessly and stress-free. They are also experts in the places they visit, with a knowledge and passion that is remarkable – and contagious. Your safety is your Trafalgar Tour Drivers’ mission, and it’s one they take seriously. You’ll be taken where you need to be, on time and as close to the action as possible. Meanwhile, you remain free to enjoy the views and not the traffic.

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