Undulating dunes, white clay pans and vast stretches of desert

A landscape of rugged mountains, vast desert, magnificent burnt orange sand dunes, river canyons and clay pans, it is perhaps surprising that Namib-Naukluft sustains any life at all – and yet hyena, gemsbok, jackal and unique plantlife all survive in this hyper-arid region. See the spectacular Dead Vlei: a forest frozen in time, and a dawn visit to the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossuvelei is a magical experience.

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Kuoni Insider

A fine dusting of orange sand coats your skin as you wait at the peak, a gentle breeze erasing your footprints behind you.

The sun rises amongst the vibrant orange dunes as you gaze out across this impressive landscape from the heady heights of Big Daddy, the highest dune in the Sossusvlei area.

Tom Waite