Maasai Mara

At a glance

  • Big Five and big cat viewing
  • The Great Wildebeest Migration
  • Hot-air balloon ride at sunrise

Maasai Mara holidays

Africa’s most famous wildlife reserve

The Maasai Mara is what safari dreams are made of. The most famous reserve in the world has rolling grasslands and wide open savannah where big cats and the Big Five roam. This is the place to see the incredible annual wildebeest migration between June and October – as over a million animals thunder across the plains in search of water and grazing – but the Mara has mass appeal all year-round. A magical hot-air balloon safari is a must; gently drift over the plains at sunrise as wildlife roams below you.

  • Incredible wildlife viewing amongst stunning African landscapes of rolling plains and wide open savannah
  • See the Great Wildebeest Migration as over a million animals thunder across the plains in search of water and grazing (June-October)
  • As Kenya’s most popular reserve, the Mara can become busy at times – but even experienced safari-goers admit that the game viewing opportunities here can be wonderful
  • The conservancies outside of the reserve boundaries also offer excellent – and often less crowded – wildlife viewing
  • Gain an insight into traditional Maasai life by visiting a Maasai community and join Maasai-guided bush walks in surrounding conservancies

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Kuoni Insider

Have your camera at the ready because as soon as your light aircraft lands on a small runway on the Mara plains you are immediately surrounded by wildlife.

The transfer from the airstrip to your lodge will be your first game drive. As we turned a corner our driver stopped and pointed to an area of grass. We were only two metres away and as I excitedly peered over, I saw a lioness taking a nap. Suddenly a cub appeared from the tall grass and wandered in front of our vehicle. As I looked back I realised there was in fact a pride of five or six lions taking a rest together. It was an amazing way to start my safari.

Faye Gallacher
Assistant Manager, Kuoni at John Lewis Leicester