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Things to do in Tanzania

World-class dives and canoeing through the mangroves on Pemba Island

At Fundu Lagoon, we’re lucky to have the Misali Island Marine Conservation Area right opposite our resort…

By Alex and Marcus Lewis
Co-owners of Fundu Lagoon

Pemba is a paradise for people who love water activities, from exploring world-class dive sites to canoeing through thick mangrove forests. At Fundu Lagoon, we’re lucky to have the Misali Island Marine Conservation Area right opposite our resort and we take guests there every day to dive and snorkel. It has a white-sand beach that drops directly into the Indian Ocean, it’s like a cliff of sand – I think there’s only about 10 sites like it on the planet. You can swim for just 20 metres and you’re on this unspoiled reef, it’s amazing for snorkelling.

Often included in lists of the world’s best diving destinations, Pemba has thousands of exciting sites around the island to explore. We have our own five-star PADI centre with courses and equipment for all abilities, from beginners to experienced dive masters. We’ve had couples stay with us who’ve never dived before to an 80-year-old peer from the House of Commons who wanted to do his 500th dive in Pemba. Everything is arranged for you, you just have to step on the boat and your gear’s there, ready to go.

There are 30 sites we regularly visit, including a big tanker wreck and coral reef wall dives, plus shallow sections for beginners. You could do three dives a day for a week and visit a different site each time. Pemba is so far off the beaten track that we call it private diving because you’ll never see another boat. The coral is pristine and home to all kinds of colourful marine creatures, including turtles. It’s a great extension of your safari on mainland Tanzania and a chance to sample the country’s diverse marine wildlife.

There’s also a pod of dolphins that live in the lagoon, so we’ll often go out at 6am when the sea is flat and the dolphins will come over and see us, playing and jumping around the boat. It’s a beautiful experience for guests. I’d also recommend canoeing in the nearby mangrove forest. One of our local guides will take you in a traditional, dug-out wooden canoe across the bay to an unspoilt tangle of mangroves. As you sail through the narrow canals, it’s like going back a thousand years, you’re surrounded by birds and parrots and it feels like sailing through the Amazon.


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Alfred & Alex and Marcus Lewis

Twins Alex and Marcus Lewis grew up in Sussex and together own a successful property development company in London. Passionate about travel, the pair dreamed of buying a tropical island where they could build a boutique resort. In the end, with no hotel experience, they flew to Pemba Island and set up Fundu Lagoon, which they now co-own with Ellis Flyte and Brian Henson.
Alex and Marcus Lewis, Co-Owners of Fundu Lagoon

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