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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Things to do in Tanzania

Visit Lake Eyasi and its ancient Datoga community

Meet one of Tanzania’s oldest ethnic groups, who live on the shores of beautiful Lake Eyasi…

By Joseph Awe
Cultural guide

Meet the Datoga people, one of Tanzania’s oldest ethnic groups who live around beautiful Lake Eyasi. On the way to their homestead, we’ll pass the soda lake, which lies on the border of Ngorongoro Conservation area, and have the chance to take pictures from the shore. When we arrive at the village, a local guide will act as a translator so you can learn all about the daily life of the Datoga people.

You’ll learn about the history of the community, which is believed to have originated from southern Sudan or western Ethiopia some 3,000 years ago. Traditionally, the Datoga people are semi-nomadic pastoralists who herd cattle, like the Maasai. However, they now also farm vegetables and work as blacksmiths. You’ll be shown into the workshop, where they melt metal to make objects like cutlery and arrowheads, which they often trade with the Hadzabe tribe, who also live in the region.

Visit the main house where the Datoga women cook, see how they fetch water, make butter and create traditional clothing from animal skins and leather, decorated with beads. If you like, you can take part in grinding maize by hand to make ugali, a typical Tanzanian porridge. Guests really enjoy this face-to-face interaction; it’s a chance to meet the real people of Tanzania and see how they live off the land.


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Alfred & Joseph Awe

Joseph Awe has been a cultural guide in the Lake Eyasi region for over 12 years. He grew up on his family's dairy and onion farm in the region and has close connections with the nearby Hadzabe and Datoga communities. Able to speak their native languages, Joseph has worked as a translator and interpreter for guests visiting the tribes around Lake Eyasi since he was a teenager.
Joseph Awe, cultural guide for Hadzabe and Datoga community tours

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