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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Explore on foot from Serengeti Bushtops

The walking safari gives you a completely different perspective – you’re on the ground immersed in the wild African landscape…

By Pantaleo Mghanga
Camp Manager, Serengeti Bushtops

Explore the Serengeti on foot and get up close to the park’s nature and wildlife. Your walk starts at the Mara River with a knowledgeable guide and an armed ranger to keep you safe. We like to do the walking safari in the morning or early evening, when the weather is cooler and you’re not exposed to the blistering African sun. The adventure can last from an hour to over two hours, it all depends on how much you want to see.

During the walking safari, your guide will point out animal tracks, dens and native plants that local people have used for generations for medicines and natural dyes. The Serengeti is a haven for Africa’s most famous animals and you may cross paths (from a safe distance) with everything from giraffes to buffalo, hippos and herds of impala. That’s not to mention the smaller beasts like dung beetles, as well as delicate spider webs and snake trails.

What’s special about the walking safari is that you get a completely different perspective from a game drive. You’re on the ground surrounded by nature and immersed in the wild African landscape. You’ll get to breathe in the woodland air scented with wildflowers and herbs and hear the buzzing, chirping insects and animals calls. The walking safari allows you to spot wildlife from a closer vantage than a safari vehicle and experience the Serengeti from an animal’s-eye view.


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Alfred & Pantaleo Mghanga

Pantaleo Mghanga hails from Kenya but has been the camp manager at Serengeti Bushtops for 10 years. He loves working in the Serengeti and meeting guests from all over the world. Pantaleo particularly enjoys welcoming back the camp's many repeat guests who have become part of the Bushtops family.  
Pantaleo Mghanga, Camp Manager, Serengeti Bushtops

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