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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Things to do in Tanzania

Discover Tarangire, land of elephants and baobabs

Over 4,000 elephants roam the plains of Tarangire, a national park spotted with thousand-year-old baobab trees…

By Gemma Wilson-Dines
Travel Expert for Alfred&

Tarangire is a mecca for elephant lovers. Over 4,000 of these gentle giants live in the remote national park, roaming the plains and forests in herds as large as 600. In dry season between July and October, thousands more migrate here in search of water, accompanied by dozens of other species. The animals are drawn to the silver ribbon of the Tarangire River, which brings life to this flourishing landscape. This is the best place to park up and watch elephants bathing while zebra, wildebeest and giraffe gather on the bank to drink and graze, trailed by lions and cheetahs on the hunt.

During game drives you’ll notice hundreds of Tarangire’s ancient baobab trees, which litter the landscape and are almost as famous as its elephants. These towering, thick-trunked trees can live for centuries, their gnarled branches acting as ideal resting places for elusive leopards. As you explore the park, your guide will be on the lookout for rare wildlife sightings; oryx and endangered wild dogs, tree-climbing lions and long-necked gerenuks who stand on their hind legs to snag leaves from the trees.

Stay at a luxury lodge or a treehouse overlooking Tarangire National Park, where you can spot wildlife from your private deck and enjoy hilltop sundowners under a baobab tree. Take a walking safari with a Maasai guide, who’ll teach you all about the area’s unique flora and point out animal tracks and dens. By night, some lodges even offer thrilling game drives where the glowing eyes of honey badgers, leopards and civets stare back at you through the darkness. Ask your guide to turn off the engine so you can absorb the beauty of the star-filled sky above.

If you’re staying at Mpingo River Lodge, don’t miss a visit to Olasiti Village, where Chief Lobulo will show you around. You’ll learn about traditional Maasai culture and get involved with daily tasks like fire-making, beadwork, water collection and making mortar from cow dung and soil. It’s an unforgettable glimpse into this centuries-old culture. Chief Lobulo is particularly passionate about education and your visit helps to fund the schools he’s building and pay for teaching materials and staff wages.


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Gemma has been a regular visitor to South Africa favouring the spectacular mountains and cinematic Winelands that draw her back time and time again. Her most recent trip to Tanzania offered a whole new perspective of the Great Migration from the romantic heights of a hot air balloon. On the other side of the world, in extraordinary India, Gemma holds vivid memories close to her heart; of cooking chapatis in Amritsar’s shimmering Golden Temple and the soft summer breeze in Shimla's alpine forest.

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