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From safari lodges to plush tented camps with private plunge pools this is wild luxury at its finest; discover the best Serengeti hotels with Kuoni

Trips to the Serengeti are all about front-row seats to Earth’s greatest nature show, dining under the stars and excellent lodgings with five-star service. Our chosen hotels place luxury at the top, with two of them – Serengeti Bushtops and Roving Bushtops – part of our exclusive collection of the world’s finest handpicked holidays. Every one of them is situated perfectly for watching the Great Wildebeest Migration at various points in the year; some of the camps are even semi permanent so that they can follow any changes in route. You can choose to stay in a traditional stone and thatch rondavel at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge, complete with hand-carved furniture, natural stone bathrooms and local artwork, or even at one of the Lemala lodges – in either a charming canvas tent or luxury cabin where floor-to-ceiling windows and private plunge pools come as standard.

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Lemala Ewanjan


Lemala Ewanjan captures the heart and soul of the Serengeti in one completely enchanting camp of endless horizons and year-round game viewing.

A charming camp with incredibly warm staff and impressive freshly prepared food, Lemala Ewanjan is magical morning through to night. You’ll meet new f...

Transfers: Approx. 2 hours' light aircraft flight from Arusha airport and then approx. 25 minutes' drive from Seronera airstrip
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Lemala Kuria Hills


One of the finest Serengeti camps, Lemala Kuria Hills is a cool and contemporary hideout that’s still wonderfully wild, offering phenomenal safaris away from the crowds.

Among ancient kopjes and savannah in the very north of the plains, Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is all about floor-to-ceiling sliding glass windows with e...

Transfers: Approx. 1½-hour light aircraft transfer from Arusha and then approx. 45 minutes drive from Kogatende airstrip
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Lemala Mara


A very special semi-permanent camp within touching distance of wildebeest, zebra and predators, Lemala Mara is all about wildlife on your doorstep and dining under the stars.

Lemala Mara’s mobile tented camp sets up base from June to October in an unbeatable location in the northern Serengeti. It's in a front-row position t...

Transfers: Approx 1½-hour light aircraft flight from Arusha airport and then approx. 25 minutes' drive from Kogatende airstrip
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Lemala Nanyukie


Newly opened in 2018, Lemala Nanyukie is a swanky canvas camp in the Serengeti. Private plunge pools come as standard and impressive tents feel more like luxury cabins.

Capturing the spirit of safari in a sleek, contemporary way and with serious attention to detail, Lemala Nanyukie sits in the heart of the Serengeti N...

Transfers: Approx. a 2-hour light aircraft flight from Arusha airport and then approx. 45 minutes drive from Seronera airstrip
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Roving Bushtops


This tiny, private camp in the heart of the Serengeti is a thrilling addition to the exclusive Bushtops collection.

Inspired by the success of its sister camps, Mara Bushtops and Serengeti Bushtops, Roving Bushtops follows their ‘wild luxury’ example and sits in a w...

Rooms: 8
Transfers: A 1½-hour light aircraft flight from Arusha to Seronera airstrip followed by a 20-minute game drive
All Inclusive
Boutique Hotel
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Serengeti Bushtops


The exclusive Serengeti Bushtops combines indulgence and adventure for an unforgettable experience.

This oasis of beautifully crafted tents sits in the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Serengeti National Park and blends world-class comfort with a r...

Rooms: 12
Transfers: A light aircraft flight from Arusha to Kogatende airstrip (1½ hours) followed by a 50-minute game drive
All Inclusive
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Serengeti Sojourn (was Serengeti Explorer Camp)


This authentic tented camp moves to offer the best game viewing year-round.

Serengeti Sojourn is a semi-permanent camp – it moves between three exclusive locations inside the Serengeti National Park depending on the time of ye...

Rooms: 10
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Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge


Beautifully designed accommodation gives way to endless views at this lovely Serena lodge.

With panoramic views across the Serengeti plains and a series of charming domed rondavels blending into the hillside landscape, this is one of Serena’...

Rooms: 66
Transfers: 2-hour flight from Arusha to the Seronera airstrip plus a short drive
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Lemala Ndutu


Lemala Ndutu’s seasonal camp puts the thunder of the great wildebeest migration and unique geology of the Ngorongoro Crater right at your feet.

Lemala Ndutu is about spotting wildebeest, zebra, lion and rhino on the grassy floor of the crater, and flamingo, ostrich and eagle owl on world-famou...

Transfers: Approx. a 55-minute flight by light aircraft from Arusha and then approx. 30 minutes' drive from Ndutu airstrip
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