Damaraland holiday highlights

Damaraland encompasses a great many landscapes and hidden within these are some truly magical sights including The Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, Spitzkippe, the Petrified Forest and the Vingerklip.

The Brandberg is one of the most well-known geological features of Twyfelfonteain and is nicknamed the ‘fire mountain’ due to the red glow that accumulates at its edges as the sun sets. It is a favourite spot for climbers, along with the Spitzkoppe and there is also a large gallery of rock art and the chance to interact with the San people. The Spitzkoppe is another recognisable Namibian geological wonder, a remnant of an ancient volcano, whose sharp peak has earned it the nickname ‘The Matterhorn of Africa’ and a popular climbing destination with plenty of technical climbs available. Also in Twyfelfontein are the Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain, a set of distinctive dolerite pillars and a flat topped mountain named after the piles of blackened limestone which are scattered around its base.

The area is also famed for its prehistoric rock paintings, in particular the ‘White Lady’ discovered by Doctor Reinhard Maack. It depicts a European looking woman with long straight hair who is painted white from the chest down. In her hands she holds a wine glass and a bow and selection of arrow. She is painted as the focal point within a group of women hunters one of whom has speared an antelope like animal.

The trees of the Petrified Forest are also well worth a visit. These were trees that were uprooted millions of years ago and swept along by river before becoming covered in sand and sediment. Through pressure and time, the entire tree is then replaced by rock, with each cell perfectly recreated. There are two full trunks as well as multiple pieces of petrified wood in the area, and it is quite the sight.

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