Great Bear Rainforest - British Columbia's Wildlife Lodges Holidays

Solitude, silence and sensational animal encounters are pretty much guaranteed at these off-grid lodges.

Covering an area of 21 million acres right at the western edge of Canada, the Great Bear Rainforest and its meandering waterways are pristine, breathtakingly beautiful and teeming with wildlife. Remote would be the best way to describe this temperate forest; there are hardly any roads and communities and eco-lodges can only be reached by water or air.

Hidden away in the shadow of the dense spruce, cedar and fir trees are grizzly, black, and cream-furred spirit bears foraging for seeds and berries, grazing on grass and sitting patiently in streams waiting for salmon to leap their way. The deep waters of the inlets are rich in marine life while the skies are criss-crossed by eagles, goshawks and darting kingfishers.

Our collection of featured lodges provide the chance of a lifetime: immersing yourself in the wild and wonderful landscapes, switching off from the outside world and seeking out bucket-list wildlife. Each lodge has a handful of multi-day itineraries that can easily be added to your Canada holiday, from quick 2-night stays to week-long adventures.

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Great Bear Rainforest - British Columbia's Wildlife Lodges Hotels

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