A beach lover’s paradise in the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua is a treasure trove of picturesque coves, coral reefs and palmfringed bays with an undisputed claim of ‘a beach for every day of the year’ and an incredible selection of watersports.

Key Information

Flight time (from UK)
  • 8½ hours
Time difference
  • GMT -4 hours

Two main passions rouse strong Antiguan pride; cricket and sailing, with the latter culminating in the hosting of a yearly sailing regatta. Calm seas and natural harbours once filled with pirates are now a mecca for mariners. Explore the winding coastline and discover its fascinating pirate history; with Nelson’s Dockyard in the spectacular setting of English Harbour, and the 18th century battlements of Shirley Heights and Fort James. Explore the small rainforest, rich in bird and insect life, or St John’s, the capital and home to Heritage Quay, with an enchanting museum depicting history of the island and a vibrant morning market - a feast of food and colour.

Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island, just 26 miles north, is famous for its tranquillity and breathtaking pinkish-white sand beaches, easily visited by day.

Look no further if idyllic sandy beaches, pure relaxation and unpretentious charm are what you’re looking for… Why not link Antigua with contrasting Caribbean islands for a tailor made island-hopping experience. Anguilla, Barbados, Saint Lucia and the British Virgin Islands are quickly and easily reached by air, or experienced sailors could charter a yacht and navigate the dazzling seas to St Kitts or Nevis.

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