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Learn the secrets of Rwandan tea

During our one-hour tour and tasting session, we’ll teach you all about how our popular black tea is made from leaf to cup…

By Grace Uwingeneye
Guest Experience Guide at One & Only Nyungwe House

Learn the secrets of tea processing, from leaf to cup, on a guided tour of our on-site plantation. At Nyungwe House, we’re lucky to have our own tea estate, Gisakura, which is owned and run by the local community. During the one-hour tour, we’ll teach you all about how our popular black tea is made; you’ll get to pick the leaves and have a tasting session. You’ll also enjoy views over the lime-green tea fields, stretching to the rainforest and mountains beyond.

As we pick the leaves, I’ll tell you about the history of our tea, which began in 1952 when the bushes were planted in this western region of Rwanda. Our tea is picked every 11 days and pruned once every four years for germination. Thanks to our volcanic soil here and high elevation, we produce an amazing full-bodied black tea that has around seven different grades. While we’re out on the plantation we can take pictures with the tea pickers and chat with them about their experiences.

Afterwards, we head into the tea lounge to explain the production process. Once picked, the leaves are sent to the nearby tea factory where they’re dried, cut and fermented, sorted and packed. You’ll get to taste the different grades of our high-quality tea, which has now become one of Rwanda’s largest exports. Each one has a different flavour to discover and we pair them with snacks like chocolate and scones. As an added extra you can also request to have a private meal in the tea plantation, surrounded by birds and beautiful scenery.


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Alfred & Grace Uwingeneye

Grace Uwingeneye was born in Rulindo in Rwanda’s Northern Province and spent her school holidays weaving, selling traditional baskets and working for NGOs. After studying zoology and conservation at university, Grace worked as a primate research assistant in Nyungwe National Park and now curates incredible nature-based experiences for guests staying at Nyungwe House.
Grace Uwingeneye, guest experience guide at One & Only Nyungwe House

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