Simon Reeve Brand Ambassador
for Kuoni

We first started working with Simon Reeve when our Kuoni Kensington store opened in 2008. He then joined us for tours and events across the country and has been part of the Kuoni family ever since.

We’re now thrilled that Simon is our brand ambassador with a special focus on sustainability and adventure. Like us, he’s passionate about travelling the world responsibly, and we’re delighted to be working with Simon to support the people, places and animals we may encounter on our holidays. See below for his exclusive articles on sustainability and the future of travel as well as some of his incredible travel tales from around the world.

The Maldives astonished me with natural beauty above and below the waves. Simon Reeve

Why did Simon choose to be our brand ambassador

"Whenever I chat or spend time with people who work for Kuoni, I know I'm with like-minded souls; they love travel and the experience it brings. They feel lucky to share their passion with other people and give their customers new experiences they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

Kuoni's been around for almost a hundred years, and I think that heritage matters. It feeds through every element of the company, giving people absolute confidence when they travel. Customers feel protected, advised, and reassured that they're not only getting the best possible experience when they go away, but that Kuoni is there for them if things get tricky. It's a wonderful company that I'm happy, and actually proud, to be associated with."