Hurtigruten is the world’s leading adventure travel group, offering unique small-ship and land-based adventures from pole to pole – and anywhere in between. They take guests to the most spectacular areas on the planet, offering a mix of pristine wilderness and visits to genuine local communities.

Hurtigruten Group is revolutionizing the travel industry’s approach to sustainability, allowing them to offer authentic local experiences while leaving a footprint they are proud of – both in nature and with the communities they visit.

The Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express is the proud legacy of Hurtigruten Group. It’s a national icon which has sailed what is considered the world’s most beautiful voyage along the Norwegian coastline since 1893. Today, its seven ships stop at 34 ports between Bergen and Kirkenes, connecting communities, delivering freight and showcasing the splendour of the Norwegian coast to guests from around the world.

Hurtigruten Expeditions is the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise line with a focus on exploration, adventure and science. The company has been taking adventure travellers to unique and inspirational destinations off the beaten path since founding expedition cruising in 1896 and currently offers over 150 itineraries across five continents aboard eight custom-built small expedition ships.


Strong measures are in place to protect the natural world and local communities – and it’s an impressive feat to create the world’s first hybrid-powered expedition ship.

We love Hurtigruten’s focus on authentic experiences, like kayaking at the foot of an Alaskan glacier and visiting a tribal community in the Bissagos Islands.

Hurtigruten can take you to remote communities and hidden places, where you can see rare wildlife, meet local people or explore pristine wilderness.

Hurtigruten has a long and interesting history. The Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express is its proud legacy, while Hurtigruten Expeditions is the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise line.

the Hurtigruten difference


All voyages feature a group of handpicked experts who make up the Expedition Team. They’ll deliver fascinating talks and lead guests on shore landings, kayaking excursions, expedition boat adventures and much more. Whether it’s setting foot on Antarctica, kayaking at the foot of an Alaskan glacier or visiting a tribal community in Africa’s little-visited Bissagos Islands – authentic, unforgettable experiences await everyone who travels with Hurtigruten.


Over decades, Hurtigruten’s Captains and crew, Expedition Teams and returning guests have witnessed the impact of climate change on vulnerable polar areas with their own eyes. They want the Arctic, Antarctica and everywhere in between to remain places of pristine nature, pure water and clean air. Sustainability is therefore at the heart of who Hurtigruten are and what they do. From the beautiful natural world to remote communities, they want to ensure their expedition cruises protect them both. They are green pioneers, bringing together cutting-edge ship design and advanced battery technology to create the world’s first hybrid-powered expedition ship. They also have a strong stance on heavy fuel oil and the war on plastics. Beach clean-ups and plant-based menus made from locally sourced ingredients are another two ways they give back to the areas they visit and to the planet as a whole.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have enthralled mankind for a long time. Today, they still captivate travellers who venture north to the Arctic. On a cruise with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast, the aurora borealis comes to you. Where Hurtigruten sails in northern Norway is directly beneath the Auroral Zone, an area of consistent auroral activity. Of the 34 ports they visit from Bergen to Kirkenes, 22 are north of the Arctic Circle, giving you plenty of opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights simply cannot be described in words – they have to be experienced. And Hurtigruten has a promise to you: they are certain the Northern Lights will make an appearance on your 12-day Hurtigruten voyage. But if they don’t, they will give you another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage free of charge.


Go beyond the usual highlights and iconic cities, going further to remote communities and hidden vistas few get to see. Encounter rare and exotic wildlife all around you, from elks to eagles, penguins to polar bears, and walruses to whales. An expedition cruise with Hurtigruten ventures to places many have only ever dreamed about: Antarctica, Alaska, Norway, Lake Titicaca, the Northwest Passage, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Svalbard… the list goes on.

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