Dine resplendently on fire pit-lined beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea, hunt for sandalwood and myrrh and cruise over dolphin-filled waters, on holidays to Muscat

Wandering the chaotic dusky and dark bakhoor- and frankincense-filled souks, walking the glossy Carrera marble floors of the Grand Mosque and watching the last rays of sun dip into the Gulf of Oman from glorious stretches of sand. An intriguing city of ivory, Muscat holidays put you waterfront on the beach but also right in the heart of a riveting culture that has a surprisingly modern twist. 

Holidays to Muscat are vibrant in culture and heritage, but they’re also clean, crisp and modern. You’ll find luxury car dealerships and bright white malls alongside marble crescent-topped white-washed mosques sounding the call of prayer from minarets just a ride away from somersaulting spinner dolphins. The scent of rosewater coffee with a side of Omani dates wafts from the gilded foyers of hotels, picture-perfect 16th-Century forts protect the Old Quarter’s 500-year-old walls and pearl-embossed swords stand stately in the Bait Al Zubair Museum. Early mornings on the Muttrah Corniche feel like you’ve just stepped into an old fishing village as dhows drop off catch-of-the-day, pomegranate-peppered mountains offer silent moments and extraordinary views and in the late afternoon, locals come out to haggle at souks, dine beachfront on seafood platters and take late evening dips in the sea as the city comes alive with classic Arabian charm.

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