Laos holiday highlights

If you want to tread a path less travelled, this charming country is the perfect destination. Meet find warm, friendly people, see fabulous sights and taste mouth-watering local cuisine. Laid back Laos is easy to explore but difficult to leave.

Laos Holiday Highlights
•   Luang Prabang sits at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. Discover its diverse architecture, historic temples and charming old French mansions.
•   Sleepy capital city Vientiane is home to ornate temples and colonial-influenced architecture.
•   The Plain of Jars is a fascinating area of rolling fields, where hundreds of huge stone jars lay scattered across the landscape.
•   Visit the limestone caves of Pak Ou, many encased with images of Buddha.
•   Laos' remote northern provinces lie close to the borders of China, Thailand and Vietnam, and are home minority groups still living traditional ways of life from centuries past.

Laos - The Essentials
•   Never touch someone on the head or point with your feet, always remove your shoes before entering a person’s home and dress conservatively, especially when entering temples and sacred religious sights.
•   In Laos smiles are often returned!

Laos key facts

Time difference

GMT +7 hours




Lao Kip

Flying time to destination

13½ hours



Passport & visas

A visa is required.

Laos good to know


Theravada Buddhism